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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

Our family reunion crew is sure to enjoy wearing the 93 t-shirts we ordered as we march in our hometown Fourth of July parade. Linsey and all provided us with a very timely, well organized order. We are very pleased with your service!!

I did have one small concern. Upon opening the box, I found a black "dot" on one of the onsies. I wouldn't normally be too concerned, however, the "dot" is about one and a half inches below the verbiage on the front of the shirt. I hate to think I'll have to give this to the new mom this way. I hope we have some other options per my email earlier today.

Pat F., Hudsonville, MI
May 27th

I had some concern as to how the finished product would look. When you purchase 110 shirts without an acutal sample in hand, there is a degree of uncertainty. I'm happy to say the shirts look great and everyone loves them.

Mark B.
Weston, Florida
May 27th is a cut above the rest! From the ease of ordering, to the communications from thier staff, to the final product, you can not go wrong with ClassB!

Aaron R.
Wellington, Ohio
May 27th

Class B has made ordering our scout shirts easy. And I couldn't ask for better customer service.

Jeff W - PACK 3337
Akron, OH
May 23rd

I was very impressed with the amount patrol patch designs that carries in stock. This saved my son and the rest of his patrol several dollars each as they did not need to purchase a custom made patch. The quality of the patches is top notch and the shipping was fast. I could not have been more pleased!

Cy H.
Dallas, OR
May 23rd

Loved your products, ideas & creativity. Service was great and prompt! Will be sure to order from you again.
Kelly C.
Yorba Linda, Ca.

May 23rd

Our cub scout t-shirts were of excellent quality! The order came in the time expected and was extremely organized. Our pack will definitely use this company again for all of our orders! Pack 1047 Gilberts, IL

Jennifer M.
Gilberts, Illinois
May 22nd

Charlotte was wonderful to work with. Very responsive to ideas and even came up with what we eventually used.

Nancy E
Broomfield, CO
May 21st

Excellent customer service. The shirts were easy to order and the artists were more than helpful. Shipment arrived early and in 1 box, very convienent! I received a sample of the fabric on the card in the mail, which impressed my committee.

Charlotte, NC
May 20th

It was a great experience, the products were shipped immediately and without any problems. The artwork is defined and exactly as it was depicted on the website, I am fully satisfied, especially with the efficient service and consumer friendly help.

Greg V.
Cininnati, Ohio
May 18th

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