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First time buying custom t-shirts?

You’ll appreciate this guide! Follow these 10 easy steps to t-shirt success and everyone who wears one of your shirts will be happier.

They’ll all thank you for doing a great job with the shirts and it’ll be our little secret how easy it was.

  • Pick a design

    Sounds easy but it is the hardest part, especially if a group is involved. Pick out 3-5 designs in your budget and print them out to present to your group. You can also email links to the design web pages if your group is all internet-savvy. Designs can also be customized using our design tool, it takes a bit longer but they can better see what the design will look like. You can email the links to the custom designs and people can jumpstart of your design to further customize or show a variation. Get started by finding your group to narrow the design choices.

  • Pick a garment

    Once you have a design, pick out a garment. When selecting colors, be sure to check about the sizes available as not all garments come in all sizes and colors. For example, our most popular t-shirt, the Gildan 100% cotton t-shirt comes in over 40 colors but only about 25% of the colors range from youth small to adult 5X. See all garment styles

  • Get the price

    Before your group will buy shirts, they’ll want to know how much they cost! The best way is estimate how many shirts you’ll sell on the low side then get our price from the web site. Round it up to the next dollar or two to get the selling price for your group. The extra money will be used to stock up some extra shirts.

  • Decide to buy the shirts

    Your and/or your committee is happy with the design and the price, you’re happy about how easy it has been so far, now it’s time to get to work!

  • Get the sizes

    We suggest that you use our sizing kit if you can get everyone together. If not, survey everyone and get their shirt size. Since sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, be sure to use a chart to get the right size. When it doubt, guess a size larger.

  • Collect up front

    The perfect time to get the payment is while you are getting the sizes.

  • Set a deadline

    There are two ways to do this. Either say that if you do not order by the deadline, you will not be able to get shirts or offer variable prices based on when they pay. “For example, order by date #1 and the shirts cost 10.00 each, order by date #2 and they cost 15.00 each. No orders accepted after date #3 (the day before you will place the order). T-shirt requests received after the order has been sent in will not be processed.”

  • Order the shirts

    Total up all your orders, get an extra or two in each size (except the smaller sizes) and place the order.

  • Check in the shirts

    When you receive the shirts, go through the box and count them. To make it extra easy, bag and label each person’s order.

  • Distribute the shirts

    Prepare to get lots of compliments and praise for a job well done!

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