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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix different shirt colors?
September 14, 2011

You can combine different shirt colors in an order but the imprint color must remain the same for all the shirts. While we use the same ink for the entire press run, each  shirt color reacts differently with the ink.  Some people will see the ink colors as changed based on the differences of the fabric colors.  This is especially noticable with light ink on dark shirts. Another issue is contrast.  White ink, for example,  will stand out  and be very visible on a dark color shirt but will be barely noticeable on an Ash color shirt.  Choose the shirt colors carefully to achieve the results you are seeking.

How do I order the design I created?
July 29, 2011

You can place an order online by clicking the orange Order Online button.   order online button This button will take you to our secure online ordering area. PAGE 1 The first section, “Design Information”, is a general description of what you wish printed on your shirts.  If you clicked the Order Online button from an online design or stock design description page, this section should automatically fill in most of the details for you.  Please be sure to double check that your print placement, design details (along with any changes you would like an artist to make for you), and ink colors are all correct. The next section, “Garment Information”, is where you will choose your shirt type, color, sizes, and quantities.  This will generally default to the most recent shirt style you have viewed, or it will show our most popular shirt.  If you are wanting a different shirt, or wish to add other shirt styles/colors onto your order, you can add new line items by clicking the green plus sign next to the item in the listing below this section.  Once the new line item appears, choose a garment color from the drop down list shown on the left side of the new line item.  This will then populate the sizes available for ordering. Click the blue “Continue” button to move forward. PAGE 2 The next section, “Contact Information”, will be where you input your Name, Organization, address(es), daytime telephone number(s), and your email address*.  You can also choose to receive FREE offers emailed once a month from ClassB. *We send many emails during the order process, so be sure to check your inbox often!  If you don’t receive any emails from us regarding your order, check your SPAM folder or call us at 1-800-851-4020 The next section, “Shipping Information”, you will choose which address (from Contact Informaiton) you wish us to ship to, whether or not you wish us to require a signature on delivery, and your preferred turnaround service* *The Rush and Priority Options are only available in certain circumstances. Click the blue “Continue” button to move forward PAGE 3 The next page is a review of your order information followed by your payment information.  Please review all of the information contained on this page for accuracy!  You can also apply any coupon codes you may have, at this time.  On the lower half of the page you can supply your credit card information (including the billing address of the credit card) or choose to pay by check.  If paying with a check, we ask that a copy of the check be faxed to 1-888-744-1409 or emailed to questions@classb.com within 24 hours of order placement.  You can keep the original check for your files Once all of your information is accurately entered, click the blue “Place Your Order” button to submit the order with us.  Once submitted, a Customer Representative will review your order before processing your payment. If you have any questions or problems with the online order process, feel free to call us at 1-800-851-4020!

This is my first order, what do I need to place an order?
July 29, 2011

To place an order, you will need:

1) Design information – a design id number if you’ve created or customized a design, or a stock design number – starting with SP, or if you have your own design, you can fax, email, or upload it straight to the order wall.

2) Your garment style(s): color(s), size(s), and quantities .

3) Payment information.

Here is a link that can help you to make sure you have all the information you need: First Time T-shirt Buyer Guide | ClassB® also: How to order custom t-shirts | ClassB®

Do you offer a discount on reorders?
March 1, 2011

Yes, we offer an exact reorder discount. You will get this discount if your reorder quantity is equal to or less than your previous order quantity and less than 150 shirts total. This discount is available all year, as long as you place your reorder within 60 days of your previous order.

The $1.00 off per shirt discount is also available after 60 days, but you must reorder during our off-peak seasons, between January 1 and April 30 or between July 15 and September 15. Your reorder quantity must be equal to or less than the previous order and less than 150 shirts total.

In both cases, the $1.00 off discount is applied to the reorder quantity price, not the previous order quantity price. So, if your reorder contains fewer shirts than your previous order did, the price per shirt might still be higher than your original order.

Can I add baby shirts to my order?
December 16, 2010

Yes, you can add baby t-shirts to your order! Fanily-reunion-baby-t-shirts-400

Most Popular Baby & Toddler Styles

Or, see our entire selection of baby and toddler garments! Baby and toddler shirts work differently than regular t-shirts:


You can add as many baby t-shirts as you want to your order, they even count towards price breaks for screen printing!


Designs on baby t-shirts use our digital printing process. This process is very close to screen printing in color vibrancy & durability. Digital printing results in a flatter design and finer gradients. You may also notice a pressed area of the shirt, but that goes away after the first wash. Assuming normal wear, the shirt should hold the design long enough for the child to grow out of it.


Because baby t-shirts are decorated with a different process than the rest of your order, we may need to make some small changes to your design. For baby t-shirts that are only available in white, we will change the design colors to coordinate with the rest of your order. You can choose from many different styles including onesies, infant, and toddler tees in different popular brands.

Can I have the internal artwork files, film, or other production materials used in my order?
September 10, 2010

No. These items are needed for production of your order and are created free of charge because they either

a) only have value in our production methods or
b) are immediately recycled to reduce costs and reduce environmental impact.

Many of our procedures are unique in our industry. We have an exceptionally high regard for minimizing the environmental impact of screen printing and embroidery. Our production materials simply cannot be used in other situations. If we were able to release production materials, the correct mix of software, hardware, and knowledge to make use of the materials just don’t exist outside of our company. In the case of artwork files, you can use the art proof images for nearly anything.

Can I add more shirts after I have placed my order?
September 10, 2010

After an order has been placed, for our Standard Service, you have two business days to make adjustments or changes to the sizes, without affecting the arrival date.

Changes for a 9 business day Priority service order should be made within 24 hours of placing the order so the arrival date is not affected.

Changes for a 6 business day Rush order, changes should be made the same day as place of order so the arrival date is not affected.

In any case, we will do our best to add the garments you need.  We will let you know if the order is delayed ahead of time.

You can contact your sales representative by email or call for faster assistance.

Can your art department show me a proof before I place my order?
September 10, 2010

No, an order has to be placed before an artist works on the design.

If you are not ready to place your order yet, you can create or modify a design on our Design Online area: design your own custom t-shirts @ classb.com .

Once an order has been placed, our artists will make adjustments, arrange, and fix the design for you. We will not move forward with your order until your design is perfect and we get your approval!

I need these fast! What’s your rush charge?
September 10, 2010

We always do our best to deliver your order on the scheduled date. Rush Options: 6 Day Rush Service for an extra 25% added to your order total. Your order will arrive 6 business days after you place your order. 9 Day Priority Service for an extra 15% added to your order total. Your order will arrive 9 business days after you place your order. Rush restrictions apply and black out dates may apply at certain times of the year. Visit this link for more information… Custom T-shirts Turnaround – Rush Service Available . Some garments cannot be ordered for a rush delivery. If you are unsure if your order qualifies, contact us: Contact Us | ClassB®
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