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The 6 Best Scouts BSA Members for a Board of Review
March 16, 2022

The 6 Best Scouts BSA Members for a Board of Review

What is the Board of Review and it’s importance?

The Scouts BSA requires that a Scout who has completed the requirements for any rank (except Scout rank) must appear before a Board of Review (BOR). The BOR must contain at least 3 people and can have as much as 6 people.

The BOR assesses Scout’s experience and decides if the requirements for the rank have been completed. The BSA encourages that a Board of Review be a celebration of the achievement and not a re-test of the Scout.

The members of the BOR are very important to the experience of the Scout being reviewed. After 40+ years as an adult member of Scouts BSA, I have come to realize what makes a great board of review. It is the composition of the group that will make the BOR memorable for the Scout.

The 6 Best Members of a Board of Review

1. The Troop committee Chair
The Troop Committee Chair should always attend the Board of Review. A good review will provide insight into how the Troop is doing and provide feedback for the Committee Chair to help improve the Troop.
2. The Troop Advancement Chair
This is the job that is the most involved with advancement in the Troop. This person usually handles the paperwork and should be there to help the other members of the BOR with the technical details.
3. The Chartered Organization Representative
I have been involved with many different Chartered Organizations in my BSA career. When the Chartered Organization Representative is involved with the Troop – a great synergy will result. In many ways, a BOR is a great way for the Chartered Organization to see how effective the program can be.
4. A Local Church Leader
The perspective of a Church Leader – especially if the Scout attends that Church – can not be underestimated! Duty to God has been a major tenet since the first handbook in 1911. While Scouts will not be measured by a specific belief standard, a Church Leader will reinforce the importance of this part of Scouting.
5. A Local Politician, Active Duty Military, or Business Leader
This person can provide a great experience for the Scout. The perspective provided by someone who is a leader, in real life, is a great inspiration to the Scout.
6. A Mentor in the Scout’s Interest
This can be the toughest, especially if you have several Scouts scheduled for a Board of Review. But imagine how the Scout will respond to questions from someone who shares his interest in a topic. Mining your Merit Badge Counselor list is an easy way to find the perfect fit.
These are the six best members for your next BOR.

Remember that the BSA prohibits certain people from serving on the Board – “Unit leaders and assistants shall not serve on a board of review for a Scout in their unit. Parents, guardians, or relatives shall not serve on a board for their child. The candidate or the candidate’s parent(s) or guardian(s), or relative(s) shall have no part in selecting any board of review members.” The Board of Review is one of the best methods to enhance the Scouting experience and encourage advancement through the ranks.

The Boys In Boy Scout Troop 8 Proudly Wearing The Patches On Their Uniforms

The Boys In BSA Troop 8 Proudly Wearing The Patches On Their Uniforms

Guide to Advancement Boards of Review
Guidelines for Advancement and Recognition Committees
Tips for Advancement Chair
Guardians At the Gate: Advancement Tips.
On Increasing Advancement.

Art Proof before placing Order
July 8, 2021

Art Proof before placing Order

If you would like art proofs before placing your order, we offer an Art Only Order where it is a $40 art deposit that gets applied to your order once it is converted with the sizes and garments!

The turnaround time of 12 business days starts when the order is converted. If you choose to cancel, the $40 does not get refunded back to you.

This is a great way to see custom art to show your recipients before they place their orders!

There is a small minority – maybe 10 people a year that try to take advantage of the time of our artists and customer service team. For those rare situations we have a series of “terms of sale” for this art only offer:

• Just like everything else: paying for the art services does not mean you now “own the art” and can resell it, take it to another vendor, or anything else. If it’s licensed art then it is specifically not allowed in our licensing contracts. It’s also just wrong, the art proof is a service NOT a contract or transfer of ownership.

• We do not offer this service year-round – when we are slammed – this service can be dropped without warning.

Free Artwork Meaning

Like the above item, a few people a year try to take advantage or do not understand, so here are the “terms of sale” on the Free Artwork:

• The term Free Artwork means we do not charge you for the artwork on your order. Like free ketchup on a burger!

• It does not mean we will just generate any design you want independent of an order.

• It does not mean we will create or supply the art for another vendor to use. The most common misuse is the customer wants to get the art from us then give it to a local vendor to get a better price since they have the “art”. It does not work that way at all – it’s kind of like stealing. Having an image on your computer does not give you ownership of that image. If that ever changes – I call dibs on Disney movies! ;)

• You do not get the rights or ownership of the design. You cannot resell the design to others or take the artwork to another vendor. A good vendor wouldn’t accept it anyway. The exception is the situation where you are the owner of the art, to begin with then you’re good; for instance: An order from a company with their trademarked logo or printing your line of t-shirts with your art on them.

Patch Sustainability Update
June 11, 2021

Patch Sustainability Efforts

100% Recycled PE Plastic Patch Backer

100% recycled patches
100% recycled patch backer
ClassB is switching to 100% recycled PE plastic for the backer on embroidered BSA patches! We will use the current stock up and should be fully transitioned to recycled plastic by the end of 2021. We are very proud of the increased sustainability of our scout patches. It was very difficult to get the chemistry right for the ink to be stable on the plastic during the heat process. The first rolls of backer are OK but not quite right. The last batch that samples are being made is great and we are moving toward production BSA patches have an option to use 2 stickers in place of the plastic backer. We can do this but the stickers just don’t hold up with the variation of humidity and temperature. Many will come off and generate litter and the waste stream is increased. Patches that are not BSA licensed can skip the backer altogether for even more sustainability.

Patch Thread

ClassB is pursuing 100% recycled polyester threads to make the entire patch a 100% recycled item. A recycled polyester thread is available but at a significant premium with d limited availability. Perhaps more of an issue is the space required to stock all the spools. We could offer patches 100% recycled now – patch prices are about 2x the cost with some colors not even available :0
We want to migrate in a way that does not impact pricing to the end-user. We will slowly migrate production over to using the recycled thread. A few colors at a time as deals can be found and space allows. This will take years and we may never be 100% recycled because some thread spools last forever and never get replaced.

Custom Scout Patches Council Event Patches

ClassB loves 4-H!
December 27, 2019

We love 4-H Clubs! These are just some of the proud 4-H Clubs wearing their ClassB shirts!

Wilbarger Creek 4-H said, “The shirts are awesome! They arrived just in time for out meeting yesterday and out tour of the Pflugerville Police Station! Happy kids and happy parents!”

The Sunshine Snippers 4-H Club in Big Sandy, MT are rocking their ClassB tees!

We love seeing where 4-H takes kids and parents! Check out our 4-H designs to make your t-shirt for your club today!

Treat Your Boy Scout Group This Fall
November 8, 2017

An image of a blank hat and drawstring bag.

Now that we’re into autumn, we can enjoy the outdoors with sunny skies and clear weather. Now is a perfect time to bring your troop or pack out for scouting activities. And if you’re looking for something to give your scouts as a gift or to take an experience to the next level, we have you covered!

And since artwork and setup is free, you can have a creative and stylist garment at an affordable price.

We’ve put together a list of items that we think your scouts will love. And they pair perfectly with the crisp autumn weather.

Personalized hats

Personalized hats are a very popular gift, and we can see why. They’re stylish, practical, come in a bunch of different colors and last a while. And since our hats have adjustable sizes, it’s easy to order for a pack or troop.

Affordable gifts

If you want to have a fun gift for your events, you can’t go wrong with a silicone wristband. They’re affordable and can be personalized for any situation. Best of all: they’re available in a variety of colors that your scouts and their families will enjoy.

Outdoor games

With the weather being so nice, autumn is the perfect time for outdoor fun. That’s where we have you covered with games for everyone. Popular among church youth groups and scouts alike, Kan Jam is a game that anyone can pick up and enjoy. Personalized with your pack or troop design, there will never be a dull moment.

And now that it’s picnic in the park season, a gift that will keep on giving is nothing other than a regular frisbee. Like wristbands, they come in variety of colors and can be enjoyed by any member of your pack or troop. And they fit easily into a backpack or bag so you can have some outdoor fun at a moment’s notice.

Custom backpacks

Speaking of backpacks, drawstring backpacks are a huge hit regardless of the season. They’re lightweight and can be used at a scouting event, at school or church. We print on drawstring bags with reinforced eyelets and corners so they last. Some of our available bags have zipper pockets, headphone openings and more which leaves a lot of room for customizing your bag to fit your scouts.


It has never been easier to provide an affordable gift for your scouting group. With your troop or pack number, an emblem or motto, these are gifts that can be kept as keepsakes or provide your scouts with a load of fun and utility.

ClassB has access to thousands of high-quality products that we know you’ll love. And artwork and setup is free so you can have an amazing gift for your scouts at a great price. Whether you’re looking for any of the items we’ve talked about or something entirely different, we have you covered.

If you’re ready to take the first step, give us a call at 1-800-851-4020. Our promotional product team can be reached at extension 113 for brainstorming tips or to place an order.

Youth Camping on US Navy Ships
September 27, 2017

All Scouts on Deck!

Take your scouts to visit some of America’s retired battleships! If you’re looking for an awesome trip to take your scouts that’s also educational, check out these battleships! It is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to experience U.S. history while teaching scouts about many valuable lessons. Go back in our history and see what it was like for sailors on board these amazing ships!

Here are our top picks across the country for overnight adventures!

USS Yorktown

Patriots Point truly has it all! From aviation simulators and the marine science wet lab, to their virtual reality space program and learning about the history of this aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown is a trip you won’t forget! Sleep where the sailors slept in bunks… just bring your pillow and sleeping bag!

The best deal is definitely the two nights on board the USS Yorktown. For $96 per person you can sleep on board for two nights, get entrance in to one educational program, as well as two breakfasts, lunches, and dinners!

There are some requirements to know about before planning your big adventure:

  • You must have a total minimum number of ten people (youth and leaders) in each group
  • All campers must be at least six years old
  • One adult must camp with each child between the ages of six and ten
  • Two adults must camp with every ten campers between the ages of eleven and seventeen

You can even do a couple of different excursions while you’re in Charleston:

The Tour of Fort Sumter is a two and a half hour experience where you take a ride across Charleston Harbor to the Fort Sumter National Monument and explore the grounds where the Civil War began. This excursion is only on Saturdays, so you need to be staying aboard the ship on Friday night; it is not available to weekday campers. This time of year, it departs at 8:00 A.M. and then will change to 10:00 A.M. starting in December.

The Charleston Harbor Tour is a one and a half hour journey across the harbor while learning about Charleston’s history through a live narrative. This departs everyday at 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.

For more information on both of these excursions please contact SpiritLine Cruises at (843) 722-2628.

USS Hornet

The USS Hornet offers three different overnight experiences for your scouts to participate in! They all have their own specifications and things to be aware of before booking your next adventure. You can choose from a history, science, or paranormal overnight trip!

Check out their events calendar in order to find a date that works for your pack, troop, or crew! They have an online application for you to make your reservation!

Trailer Graphic Installation
February 7, 2017

So you’re looking to install Trailer Graphics!

Troop trailer graphics page there is updated and downloadable instructions

We’ve listed some steps for you to follow. Before you get started, here are some items you’ll need:
1. General purpose cleaner to clean the trailer surface.
2. Application squeegee – ClassB includes one of these with each trailer graphic order.
3. Wet Application Product. More on this below.

In step 5, we go over applying graphics using a dry method or using a wet method. To learn more about this, you can find product and info at rapidtac.com. If you prefer, you can make your own wet application solution with the recipe below, but this may not work as well as the Rapid Tac solution.

To make 1 quart – 4 drops of dish soap, 1/2 cup of isopropyl alcohol, 3 1/2 cups of water. For best results, use a fine mister spray bottle.

Note Regarding Transfer Tape:

We send all of our graphics with a transfer tape applied. This is to assist with installation. We use up or discard unused material every couple of months. If you store the graphics for an extended period of time, the glue on the transfer tape will be make the transfer tape diffcult to remove from the graphic. Additionally, the glue residue may still be on the graphic surface once the tape has been removed. To avoid this, you should apply the graphics as soon as possible.


Step One: Prep Your Surface

In order for your trailer graphics to properly adhere, you need a clean, smooth and dry surface. Take a dry cloth and wipe the surface down. If you’ve recently had a paint job, please wait 2-3 weeks for the freshly painted surface to completely cure before applying the graphic.

Step Two: Prep Decal for Transfer

Now, you need to make sure the decal is properly adhered to the transfer tape. To do this, place your design on a hard smooth surface with the graphic facing down. Then, rub the entire backing using a squeegee, credit card, spatula, etc. Don’t be afraid to apply some serious pressure.

Step Three: Plan Your Design

To ensure the design is exactly how you’d like, tape your decals onto the surface before removing the backing. Step back and check it out. If you like how it looks and is placed, move ahead.

Step Four: Roll, Squish, Pull

Pick a corner and start there. Slowly peel away the paper backing using a rolling motion. The decal will stick to the transfer tape, though some more intricate patterns will want to stick to the backing (if that happens, stop peeling, roll back a little, and repress the decal onto the transfer tape before resuming to pull the backing off.

Step Five: Applying Graphic to Trailer:

Dry method:
Hold the corners of the transfer tape and keep the sheet straight. Make sure you don’t let the tape fold in on itself. Press the edge of the transfer tape onto the trailer. Use a squeegee and slowly apply pressure to and adhere the graphic and transfer tape to trailer. Go slow and apply about 1 inch at a time to avoid wrinkles and bubbles. For larger graphics, you’ll probably need assistance.
Wet method:
Many installers use a wet method. This can can also be helpful in ensuring you don’t end up with wrinkles or bubbles. Below is a link to the website for Rapid TAC Application Fluid. We recommend you view the video on this page and consider using a wet product like this to assist you with the installation. rapidtac.com

Step Six: Transfer Tape Removal

Now that you have the trailer graphic on, you’ll need to remove the transfer tape. To do this, start at one corner and slowly roll it back along the surface. If any part of the graphic sticks to the transfer tape, just stop pulling, roll it back a bit, repress the image onto the surface, and continue peeling away.

You’re done!

You have just applied a one-of-a-kind logo personalized for your trailer. Good job! We would love to see how great your trailer looks along with your friends. Please Share on your favorite social media site with the hashtag #ClassBtrailergraphicsrock

Featured Customer: Burrion Family
October 14, 2016

We handle so many unique t-shirt orders and designs, but some of our favorites are for our Family Reunion customers. It’s always fun working with them and it is even better when we get to see pictures from their events. We are always so happy to see happy families having fun together and we couldn’t be happier that we get to help them have fun. The Burrion Family is definitely having an awesome time and we are proud to be able to work with them!
This was our first official family vacation and for many of us our first cruise which happened to be to the Bahamas. It included total of 47 people, descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Ventura (pictured on the center, bottom row). We all looked so awesome in our ClassB t-shirts! Many whispered when we were checking in, look at them with their shirts, they must all be members of a church and well…we just laughed wanting to say, we’re just a big family. LOL!
ClassB Stock Family Reunion Design

The Burrion family shows off their t-hirts!

Want to be featured in our blog? E-mail photos of your group wearing your ClassB t-shirts, along with a quick paragraph about what your group has been up to lately to questions@classb.com, and you may see your photos here in a future post!

Featured Customer: Troop 195 Grand Prairie, TX
September 25, 2016

Troop 195 is probably one of the more travelled troops we do business with. Their first order with us was for summer camp in Hawaii and they loved their shirts so much they ordered from us again! The wicking shirts are perfect for both the Hawaiian and the Texan heat. We also couldn’t get enough of the setting in this picture! That Texas state outline is a seriously cool hiking destination.  
This is our 2nd t-shirt order from ClassB – Our first one we wore in Hawaii for Summer Camp. We stayed at Camp Pupukea on the North Shore of Oahu, Hi and we hiked Diamond Head, slept onboard the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor.
Our 2nd order we wore to Summer Camp at Camp TRJ in Athens, Tx – We opt to buy the light weight wicking shirts which the boys love and we get a lot of compliments on our Tee’s – For the Texas heat go with the wicking t-shirts.
Thanks Class B and we look forward to another order.
Troop 195 poses in wicking shirts ordered from ClassB T-shirts

Troop 195 representing themselves and their state!

  Want to be featured in our blog? E-mail photos of your group wearing your ClassB t-shirts, along with a quick paragraph about what your group has been up to lately to questions@classb.com, and you may see your photos here in a future post!

Featured Customer: Troop 828 Sugar Land, TX
September 2, 2016

Summer camp is always a ton of fun and the highlight of any scout’s year. Couple that with traveling out of state to Colorado and you can’t really go wrong. Now combine that with new patrol t-shirts from ClassB so you and all your friends can kick it in style at camp and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for the best summer ever!
“The boys were at summer camp in Colorado and all decided to wear their shirts one day.  The got a lot of compliments throughout the day.  They felt great that everyone liked their shirts.  They had 7 of 9 boys in their patrol attend the camp and I can tell the shirts provide them a sense of pride in their patrol.”
The Trojan Patrol posses in their ClassB wicking t-shirts
The Trojan Patrol’s t-shirts were the envy of Summer Camp!
Want to be featured in our blog? E-mail photos of your group wearing your ClassB t-shirts, along with a quick paragraph about what your group has been up to lately to questions@classb.com, and you may see your photos here in a future post!
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