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Art Proof before placing Order

Art Proof before placing Order

If you would like art proofs before placing your order, we offer an Art Only Order where it is a $40 art deposit that gets applied to your order once it is converted with the sizes and garments!

The turnaround time of 12 business days starts when the order is converted. If you choose to cancel, the $40 does not get refunded back to you.

This is a great way to see custom art to show your recipients before they place their orders!

There is a small minority – maybe 10 people a year that try to take advantage of the time of our artists and customer service team. For those rare situations we have a series of “terms of sale” for this art only offer:

• Just like everything else: paying for the art services does not mean you now “own the art” and can resell it, take it to another vendor, or anything else. If it’s licensed art then it is specifically not allowed in our licensing contracts. It’s also just wrong, the art proof is a service NOT a contract or transfer of ownership.

• We do not offer this service year-round – when we are slammed – this service can be dropped without warning.

Free Artwork Meaning

Like the above item, a few people a year try to take advantage or do not understand, so here are the “terms of sale” on the Free Artwork:

• The term Free Artwork means we do not charge you for the artwork on your order. Like free ketchup on a burger!

• It does not mean we will just generate any design you want independent of an order.

• It does not mean we will create or supply the art for another vendor to use. The most common misuse is the customer wants to get the art from us then give it to a local vendor to get a better price since they have the “art”. It does not work that way at all – it’s kind of like stealing. Having an image on your computer does not give you ownership of that image. If that ever changes – I call dibs on Disney movies! ;)

• You do not get the rights or ownership of the design. You cannot resell the design to others or take the artwork to another vendor. A good vendor wouldn’t accept it anyway. The exception is the situation where you are the owner of the art, to begin with then you’re good; for instance: An order from a company with their trademarked logo or printing your line of t-shirts with your art on them.
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