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Patch Sustainability Update

Patch Sustainability Efforts

100% Recycled PE Plastic Patch Backer

100% recycled patches
100% recycled patch backer
ClassB is switching to 100% recycled PE plastic for the backer on embroidered BSA patches! We will use the current stock up and should be fully transitioned to recycled plastic by the end of 2021. We are very proud of the increased sustainability of our scout patches. It was very difficult to get the chemistry right for the ink to be stable on the plastic during the heat process. The first rolls of backer are OK but not quite right. The last batch that samples are being made is great and we are moving toward production BSA patches have an option to use 2 stickers in place of the plastic backer. We can do this but the stickers just don’t hold up with the variation of humidity and temperature. Many will come off and generate litter and the waste stream is increased. Patches that are not BSA licensed can skip the backer altogether for even more sustainability.

Patch Thread

ClassB is pursuing 100% recycled polyester threads to make the entire patch a 100% recycled item. A recycled polyester thread is available but at a significant premium with d limited availability. Perhaps more of an issue is the space required to stock all the spools. We could offer patches 100% recycled now – patch prices are about 2x the cost with some colors not even available :0
We want to migrate in a way that does not impact pricing to the end-user. We will slowly migrate production over to using the recycled thread. A few colors at a time as deals can be found and space allows. This will take years and we may never be 100% recycled because some thread spools last forever and never get replaced.

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