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It Starts with Quality

Small Text

Tiny text is easy for us, the ‘Pinewood Derby’ Line is only .17″ (1/6″) tall! The ‘Cub Scouts’ is only .12″ (1/8″) tall
custom embroidered Patch with small text

Small Logos

The Cub Scout logo is only 5/8″ per side and it looks great! You can clearly see all the parts and read the tiny >1/8″ text!
custom embroidered cub scout patch with small cub scouting logo

Laser Borders

Intricate Laser borders are no problem. We can about anything. Donut holes can sometimes cost extra, but we can do them!
custom BSA embroidered custom boy scout troop patch with laser cut border

Followed with Great Service

We work with you hand in hand to make sure your custom patches arrive on time and look great.

custom patch examples bug patch, pirate patch, pinewood derby and aqua academy patches =

Awesome Custom Patches

Our award winning artists can create a beautiful design for you. And don’t worry, you don’t need to provide award winning artwork, we can work from just the theme of your event or a simple line drawing. You’ll want to grab our free patch shape templates to make providing artwork even easier. How much more would you pay for good design? The good news is we don’t charge a single penny extra for revisions to your artwork.

designed by ClassB patch

Council Event Patch Design Categories

We have many design ideas for popular themed events. Chose any of our design ideas and we will modify it until your happy! We understand how important it is to have the patch convey the spirit of the event. Tell us what your event is about and we will make it shine!

cub scout patches for council event examples

Cub Scout Event Patches

Cub World, Day Camp, Webelos Woods…

boy scout patches for council event examples

Boy Scout Event Patches

Camporees, Scout Shows, Merit Badge University, Summer Camp…

order of the arrow patch examples

Order of the Arrow Patches

Lodge Flaps, Conclaves, Ordeals, NOAC…

wood badge course custom patches examples

Wood Badge Patches

CSP’s, Gifts, and other items for your Course…

council fundraising event example patches

Council Fundraising Patches

Friends of Scouting, Scouting for Food, Tournaments…

sea base contingent patch example

Contingent Patches

Philmont, Jamboree, Sea Base…

See BSA Patch Design Ideas


calendar Turnaround is 4-6 about weeks for customized design ideas Transit time is already included! Average artwork approval times are also included, but can sometimes delay arrival. If you want extra time to work with your artist, order a few days earlier.

Patch Sustainability Efforts

100% recycled patches 100% recycled patch backer
ClassB is switching to 100% recycled PE plastic for the backer on embroidered BSA patches! We will use the current stock up and should be fully transitioned to the recycled plastic by the end of 2021. We are very proud of the increased sustainability of our scout patches. It was very difficult to get the chemistry right for the ink to be stable on the plastic during the heat process. The first rolls of backer are OK (see picture). Print quality is getting better with every roll.
BSA patches have an option to use 2 stickers in place of the plastic backer. We can do this but the stickers just don’t hold up with the variation of humidity and temperature. Many will come off and generate litter and the total waste stream is increased.
Patches that are not BSA licensed can skip the backer all together for even more sustainability.

Money Back Guarantee

custom patch money back guarantee If you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply return your patch order for a full refund. We even pay the cost of return shipping and your refund is processed within 3 business days Click for details & a few restrictions

How to Order Custom Patches

Make the Call

Call our Council Specialists today to talk to a patch expert!:


New or ordering patches?
Download a patch order worksheet as a guide for the styles of information we usually need

PDF IconDownload PDF Format (105 KB)

Simple Online Proofing

You always approve artwork!
You always approve the patch artwork before we produce your order! Your artwork is posted to a web page for you to view and approve. You’ll be able to share that web page with your committee.

custom embroidered patch line art mock-up

Optional pre-production sample of your patch for NO EXTRA CHARGE! Choosing to approve a pre-production proof can add ~5-7 days turnaround.

Patch Shape Templates

You won’t need to try to draw a council strip or lodge flap after you download our standard patch shape templates. The first definitive scout patch shape template e-book. Great for design contests or for sketching your own ideas. Shapes include: Council Strip, Lodge Flap, NOAC Pocket Patch, Fleur-de-lis, Arrowhead, and dozens more.

custom embroidered patch shape templates Download Now!

PDF Format (230 kb) Current Version 2.4

custom patch from sketch example stem camporee
custom patch from sketch example boy scout camporee


Custom Patch pricing is primarily affected by quantity and size of the patch. Metallic & glow thread, and other factors can cost more. A major factor in pricing is the Special Council Pricing available due to the large volume of patches purchased by your council. Custom patches paid on a council PO are always less expensive than standard patch pricing.

Call 1-877-559-1536 Today!

special BSA council pricing

Even lower prices for Councils!

Thread Colors

The color swatches shown on our web site represent our best effort to show you what color your order is going to be when you receive it. We wish we could make every computer monitor display colors accurately, but the technology just isn’t quite there yet. Until then, we are thread color experts so you can always rely on us to help pick out the best matches for your artwork.

Please note that metallic and neon threads cost more. If you want to add one of these attention grabbing colors to your order, we’re going to individually quote the pricing for that color based on coverage in your particular design. Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

Thread Colors

  • 102
  • 104
  • 106
  • 111
  • 125
  • 128
  • 132
  • 134
  • 169
  • 172
  • 173
  • 174
  • 175
  • 182
  • 186
  • 192
  • 194
  • 196
  • 200
  • 206
  • 212
  • 216
  • 218
  • 220
  • 222
  • 228
  • 229
  • 231
  • 232
  • 233
  • 236
  • 238
  • 244
  • 245
  • 246
  • 247
  • 251
  • 253
  • 255
  • 257
  • 262
  • 264
  • 265
  • 273
  • 275
  • 277
  • 289
  • 312
  • 316
  • 334
  • 335
  • 358
  • 362
  • 363
  • 364
  • 365
  • 366
  • 367
  • 371
  • 372
  • 391
  • 392
  • 393
  • 483
  • 484
  • 485
  • 486
  • 487
  • 488
  • 501
  • 503
  • 512
  • 514
  • 516
  • 520
  • 521
  • 522
  • 523
  • 524
  • 525
  • 540
  • 541
  • 542
  • 543
  • 544
  • 546
  • 562
  • 563
  • 564
  • 672
  • 674
  • 676
  • 700
  • 701
  • 712
  • 714
  • 721
  • 723
  • 733
  • 734
  • 735
  • 736
  • 737
  • 738
  • 739
  • 743
  • 745
  • 752
  • 755
  • 765
  • 767
  • 769
  • 783
  • 784
  • 785
  • 786
  • 800
  • 801
  • 802
  • 803
  • 811
  • 813
  • 850
  • 900
  • 901
  • 902

Child wearing custom t-shirt from ClassB

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