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How do I change the font style?

When in the Design Editor for your design you should see a Design Elements menu to the right of the picture of the shirt.     There are two different lines of text in this particular design but this will change to match the specific design you will be customizing. Once you decide what text […]

Heat Printing

Heat Printing Heat printed designs are crisp and colorful, but aren’t recommended when durability is a concern. They have a shiny, plastic looking appearance. Overview Heat or transfer printing is a decorating process which uses heat-applied transfers and a heat press to transfer designs and images onto garments. There is a wide variety of heat […]

How do I use a purchase order to pay for my order?

Qualifying organizations can use a purchase order with their initial order and receive NET 10 terms. Other organizations may need to first submit a credit application or may need to pay using a check or credit card. Read this entire article to determine which policy applies to you. If you are a… BSA Council Public […]

The hem on my shirts came undone, can you help?

Here at ClassB, we always strive to give our customers top-quality custom t-shirts along with the best possible customer service. In fact, we go above and beyond to exercise exceptional quality control procedures several times throughout the creation and production of your t-shirts. Unfortunately, there are times when even the most stringent quality control standards […]

I have a name list to add to my design, how do I add the names?

We have many designs that can include name lists. It adds a unique personal touch for any family reunion, graduating class, teams and crews. In the Custom T-shirt Designer, you should see the design on the left and the design elements on the right. Choose the first “Name” element which should bring you to the edit […]

The Top 4 Questions You Should Ask Your Screen Printing Company

  I often hear about customers that are considering buying from a local vendor because that vendor will be able to manufacture t-shirts for a lower cost without following the laws affecting that purchase. These vendors often try to include their clients by convincing them that it’s a perfectly ok thing to do because they […]

CPSIA Attribution Size and Location

The Federal Law CPSIA (2008) requires us to label products with some manufacturing information. We know our customers care about product safety, but the addition of the attribution is not always desirable from a visual perspective. We do our best to place the text in position that will make it less noticeable. We print it […]

How does shipping work?

ClassB offers free shipping on all orders over $50.00 to any address using a 5-digit US Zip Code! In most cases, we will provide an in-hand date that you can count on. We offer 3 levels of service for screen printed garments – Standard, Priority, and Rush, each with a different number of work days. […]

Ink Color & Garment Color Interaction

The ink colors and garment colors are shown by themselves. If you are choosing a stock design and choose from our recommended colors, you should not need to worry about ink color & garment color interaction. If you are picking your own colors, be aware of how different colors look when they are next to […]

Online Garment Color Swatches

The color swatches shown on our web site represent our best effort to show you what color your shirts are going to be when you receive them. However, there are a number of factors influencing the accuracy of these swatches. Generally, you can trust the name of the color and be confident that your garments […]
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