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I have a name list to add to my design, how do I add the names?
July 12, 2012

We have many designs that can include name lists. It adds a unique personal touch for any family reunion, graduating class, teams and crews.

In the Custom T-shirt Designer, you should see the design on the left and the design elements on the right.

Design on the left and Design Elements on the Right

Notice all of the text elements on the right labelled “Name”

Choose the first “Name” element which should bring you to the edit text window. In the text box on the left, type in the name you want. Press the preview button in the bottom left corner to see you changes on the design. Once the preview window is updated, adjust positioning for the name appropriately.

This is the edit page for the names

Notice the window at the top left corner with Phillip and the preview showing Phillip in bigger font than the rest.

Font sizes and colors can be manipulated in the sections to the right of the preview window. If you want help in designing your t-shirt, please don’t hesitate to call in and work with one of the customer representatives.

Don’t worry about getting everything exactly centered and aligned. This is just a rough draft so as long as all the names are spelled correctly, one of our professional artists will make any necessary final adjustments.

If you have more names than space on the shirt, please email the list to and one of the representatives will be in touch. We will be more than happy to do the heavy lifting for you.

Online Garment Color Swatches
September 29, 2011

The color swatches shown on our web site represent our best effort to show you what color your shirts are going to be when you receive them. However, there are a number of factors influencing the accuracy of these swatches. Generally, you can trust the name of the color and be confident that your garments will be the color you expect them to be. It’s also good to be aware of factors that affect fabric colors:

Dye Variation

Each “batch” of t-shirts are dyed with a hand-mixed dye. This means that the “red” shirts you order this year may be a slightly different shade of “red” than last year.

Garment Care

Because each person will care for their garment in different ways, the shirts in your order may only match in color when they first come out of the box. Harsh detergents, hot water, and high heat dryers can all serve to fade a t-shirt prematurely. If you’re taking a group picture in your garments, take this picture before you send the shirts home with each person! You should also accept that your computer screen has different settings than our computers screen. For example, depending on your computer screen, some colors can seem like completely different colors! In the example below, the SAME color swatch has been shifted about 15% in hue and brightness in different combinations. These shifts can make a Royal Blue fabric look purple, teal, navy blue, and lilac! The best thing to do is calibrate your monitor using images that show colors that the human brain is best at distinguishing like skin tones and foods. Color calibration is typically done through the ” Monitor” or ” Display” Control Panel or Preference Panel.

Why are there two artwork proofs for embroidery orders?
September 29, 2011

For new embroidery designs we require two separate proofs before we can begin production. The first proof contains the “layout” of your order. In this proof you will view your design as a computer generated graphic and check for spelling, colors, and fonts. Once we receive your approval on the layout, we will send your design to our embroidery department to be “digitized” and sewn on fabric.

Within 3-5 working days we will send you the final embroidery proof for your order containing a scan of your design sewn on fabric. In this proof you can view the detail of the stitching in your embroidered design and make any final tweaks before your approval.

Once we receive your approval for the sewn-out proof, we’ll be able to get started on production of your order!

Why do I need to approve my artwork?
September 29, 2011

Every order placed with ClassB must have the artwork approved before production. This is to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with the design decorating your shirts!

New Screen Printed Designs (or Digital Print orders over 10 pieces)

If your order is the first for your design, we require an artwork approval from you before moving your order into production.

Things to check in your design:
  • Spelling
  • Ink Colors
  • Shirt Colors
  • Design Location
  • Design Size
New Embroidery Designs

If your order is the first for your embroidery design, we require 2 different artwork approvals before we begin production.  The first approval will be for a computer generated picture to check spelling and general layout.  The second will be an image of your design sewn onto a piece of fabric.

Things to check in your design:
  • Spelling
  • Thread Colors
  • Shirt Colors
  • Design Location
  • Design Size


If your group has previously ordered your same design, we do not require an approval on the artwork from you.  Your Customer Representative will review the artwork and compare it to your previous order.  The Customer Representative will supply the approval for you.

We will still post the artwork for you!  Once it is available, your Customer Representative will email a link to that page on our website so you can check it out.  If you see an error or change that needs made, please contact your Customer Representative immediately and we will be happy to fix the artwork for you.

Boy/Cub Scout reorders: Occasionally, we have to make changes to the logos in your design to meet with current BSA guidelines.  We will require your approval before moving your order to production.

Digital Print Designs (orders less than 10 pieces) 

For smaller Digital Print orders and orders using a stock design with only text changes, a Customer Representative will review the artwork and submit an approval for you.

Occasionally, a Customer Representative will need your approval on the artwork before moving forward with your order.  In these situations, you will be contacted by your Customer Representative by either phone or email.

If you would prefer to proof your artwork, contact a Customer Representative and they will ensure the order does not move forward without your approval.  

Screen printing imprint sizes
September 29, 2011

For screen printed shirt orders, there are two basic imprint sizes to choose from, either a crest size design or a full size design. There is no extra charge for a full size design and there is no price difference between a design with a lot of ink coverage or a little ink coverage.  The design for your shirts is sized to fit the smallest print area available (usually the smallest garment) on your order.

Crest size design

Crest size designs (also called ” left chest” designs) always fit inside of a 4″ by 4″ area. Circular designs will normally be sized slightly smaller than the maximum 4″ diameter for the best appearance on the shirt.

Full size design

A full size design will be the maximum size for the smallest size shirts you have ordered. Find the smallest shirt size in the table below and the corresponding imprint size is the maximum allowed. Circular designs will be printed slightly smaller than the maximum size for the best appearance on the shirt. Below are links to the imprint sizes for some common garments, please check each garment page for accurate imprint information.

Imprint Size links for Popular Garments

Gildan 100% Cotton T-shirts, item B110 Gildan 50/50 Hooded Sweatshirts, Item B176 Gildan 50/50 Crewneck Sweatshirts, Item B175 You may also provide us with a specific design size as long as it isn’t larger than the maximum allowed for the smallest size of shirts you have ordered.

Relative design size

Your design will stay the same size across all the shirts you order. If you order a full range of shirt sizes from youth smalls to adult XXLs, the design size will be the same 9.5″ wide by 11″ tall size on each different size shirt. This means that the design will look “larger” on the smallest shirts and “smaller” on the largest shirts. On the average sized shirts, the design will look the “right” size. The graphics below approximate the visual effect this will have. Youth Small – – Youth Large – Adult Medium – – Adult XL – – – Adult XXXL

I can’t center the design on the shirt, will it get printed off center?
July 29, 2011

Our artists will center, straighten, and make any changes you request, before we print your garments.  We normally make certain changes automatically, such as making sure a design is properly aligned on a garment.

Your order must be placed before our artists work on the design, you will then be able to view and approve the design.

Can I add individual names to the shirts?
July 29, 2011

We offer personalization to some or all of your order!  We use a special die cut film that is applied with heat and pressure for a permanent and washable personal shirt.

Letters come in many colors, multiple sizes, and numbers are available as well.

When ordering personalization be very careful to check spelling and shirt size to reduce errors.

More information can be found here: Personalize your custom t-shirts from ClassB! | ClassB®

Please note we only do Embroidery personalization on embroidered garments.

Do you carry stock embroidery designs?
July 26, 2011

Yes, we carry a variety of stock designs and all of the designs are customizable. Text can be removed or added, colors can be changed.

Once you place your order, you will be able to view a proof of the embroidery before we start your embroidered garments. We embroider small designs, text, logos on caps, bags, and garments.

View this link for our Embroidery designs: Stock Design Embroidered T-shirts from

How do I upload artwork?
June 25, 2011

If you have existing artwork, there are many options for you to get it to us.

  1. You can email it to your customer service rep or to Don’t worry about formats, we can read almost anything but Publisher and CorelDraw. If you can export as a .eps thats perfect. Illustrator is our preferred format. For drawings, sketches, printouts, and any other paper artwork, just take a picture and email it over.

  2. You can upload it to our custom t-shirt designer and include it in your design.

Are there any artwork setup fees?
June 25, 2011

Nope! You’ll never pay an additional fee for artwork services or screens. Changes to your proof are always free and you can work with your artist for as long as you like until the artwork is perfect! (The turnaround time of your order may be affected.)

See also: How do I make changes to my artwork?
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