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Online Garment Color Swatches

The color swatches shown on our web site represent our best effort to show you what color your shirts are going to be when you receive them. However, there are a number of factors influencing the accuracy of these swatches. Generally, you can trust the name of the color and be confident that your garments will be the color you expect them to be. It’s also good to be aware of factors that affect fabric colors:

Dye Variation

Each “batch” of t-shirts are dyed with a hand-mixed dye. This means that the “red” shirts you order this year may be a slightly different shade of “red” than last year.

Garment Care

Because each person will care for their garment in different ways, the shirts in your order may only match in color when they first come out of the box. Harsh detergents, hot water, and high heat dryers can all serve to fade a t-shirt prematurely. If you’re taking a group picture in your garments, take this picture before you send the shirts home with each person! You should also accept that your computer screen has different settings than our computers screen. For example, depending on your computer screen, some colors can seem like completely different colors! In the example below, the SAME color swatch has been shifted about 15% in hue and brightness in different combinations. These shifts can make a Royal Blue fabric look purple, teal, navy blue, and lilac! The best thing to do is calibrate your monitor using images that show colors that the human brain is best at distinguishing like skin tones and foods. Color calibration is typically done through the ” Monitor” or ” Display” Control Panel or Preference Panel.
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