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Vinyl Hot Press Letters Custom Name and Number Personalization

Personalize your custom t-shirt order


Your custom text in your choice of color. Text can be placed on sleeve, front, or back of garment!

Up to 3 Lines


Font Sample

Team U.S. 5/8 inch Font Personalization Sample for Small Names

Large Names & Numbers

Your custom text placed on back of garment in your choice of color! Text can include letters and up to 2 numbers.

Up to 2 #s (No text)


Up to 2 Lines and 2 Numbers


Numbers Sample

Pro Block 8 Inch Large Number Personalization Font Sample

Choose from 18 standard colors

Royal Blue
Navy Blue

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order personalization on my shirts?
Online ordering doesn’t support adding personalization. You can still place your order online and then respond to the confirmation email with the details for the personalization you want. You can always call or email us with your order details and we will be happy to help!

Do all the shirts in my order need to have personalization?
No, there are no minimums for personalization. You can personalize all, some, or even just one of your custom printed garments.

How are my t-shirts personalized?
Letters and numbers are digitally printed directly to your garments. In some cases, vinyl letters may also be used to provide a better result for you garment type or color.

What locations can I have personalized?
Typically, small names are done on the front left chest part of the shirt. Large names will be across the top middle of the back of the t-shirt, with numbers (if ordered) centered below the name. You can also have large names or numbers on the front of your t-shirts. The process of adding personalization damages screen printing, so we can never personalize on the same side as a screen printed image. If you want to do something different or unique, just let us know. We’ll do our best to make your shirts look perfect.

Are there special care instructions?
Any garment that has been personalized should only be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle and dried using the dryer’s permanent press setting. Avoid harsh detergents and bleach as they will prematurely age the personalization. Never iron a personalized garment.

How durable is it? How long will it last?
Personalization is less durable than screen printing. Personalization will eventually start to crack or peel off. With proper care, personalization should last from 30-40 washes.

What if I want my embroidered products personalized?
Can each person have their name sewn on their shirt or cap?

Absolutely! Embroidery personalization is a great way to make each person’s garment special. It’s excellent to identify leaders in your group, or as a special gift for members! We can personalize just about any embroidered item – from caps and polos to blankets and briefcases! Note: When ordering personalized embroidered items it is best to call in your final order, since ordering personalization through our website is not yet possible. A member of our Customer Care Team will be happy to receive your list of names and sizes, and then forward them onto our embroidery team!

custom embroidered ball cap personalization
Cost of Embroidered names

You have a choice of Block or Script in any thread color.
  • $5 for a single line under a logo (if it fits)
  • $8 for up to 3 lines on a right crest
  • $8 for 2 lines on a sleeve or cap back.
Please ask a salesperson to confirm pricing for your order.
small block letter embroidered personalization

Small Block .3 in tall

large block letter embroidered personalization for scouts

Large Block .45 in tall

half inch tall script text embroidered personalization

Small Script .5 in tall

half inch tall script text embroidered personalization

Small Script .75 in tall

two lines of text embroidered personalization block letters

Small Block .3 in tall

two text lines large block embroidered personalization

Large Block .45 in tall


Small Script .5 in tall

large script embroidered personalization two text lines

Small Script .75 in tall

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