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Trailer Graphic Installation

So you’re looking to install Trailer Graphics!

Troop trailer graphics page there is updated and downloadable instructions

We’ve listed some steps for you to follow. Before you get started, here are some items you’ll need:
1. General purpose cleaner to clean the trailer surface.
2. Application squeegee – ClassB includes one of these with each trailer graphic order.
3. Wet Application Product. More on this below.

In step 5, we go over applying graphics using a dry method or using a wet method. To learn more about this, you can find product and info at rapidtac.com. If you prefer, you can make your own wet application solution with the recipe below, but this may not work as well as the Rapid Tac solution.

To make 1 quart – 4 drops of dish soap, 1/2 cup of isopropyl alcohol, 3 1/2 cups of water. For best results, use a fine mister spray bottle.

Note Regarding Transfer Tape:

We send all of our graphics with a transfer tape applied. This is to assist with installation. We use up or discard unused material every couple of months. If you store the graphics for an extended period of time, the glue on the transfer tape will be make the transfer tape diffcult to remove from the graphic. Additionally, the glue residue may still be on the graphic surface once the tape has been removed. To avoid this, you should apply the graphics as soon as possible.


Step One: Prep Your Surface

In order for your trailer graphics to properly adhere, you need a clean, smooth and dry surface. Take a dry cloth and wipe the surface down. If you’ve recently had a paint job, please wait 2-3 weeks for the freshly painted surface to completely cure before applying the graphic.

Step Two: Prep Decal for Transfer

Now, you need to make sure the decal is properly adhered to the transfer tape. To do this, place your design on a hard smooth surface with the graphic facing down. Then, rub the entire backing using a squeegee, credit card, spatula, etc. Don’t be afraid to apply some serious pressure.

Step Three: Plan Your Design

To ensure the design is exactly how you’d like, tape your decals onto the surface before removing the backing. Step back and check it out. If you like how it looks and is placed, move ahead.

Step Four: Roll, Squish, Pull

Pick a corner and start there. Slowly peel away the paper backing using a rolling motion. The decal will stick to the transfer tape, though some more intricate patterns will want to stick to the backing (if that happens, stop peeling, roll back a little, and repress the decal onto the transfer tape before resuming to pull the backing off.

Step Five: Applying Graphic to Trailer:

Dry method:
Hold the corners of the transfer tape and keep the sheet straight. Make sure you don’t let the tape fold in on itself. Press the edge of the transfer tape onto the trailer. Use a squeegee and slowly apply pressure to and adhere the graphic and transfer tape to trailer. Go slow and apply about 1 inch at a time to avoid wrinkles and bubbles. For larger graphics, you’ll probably need assistance.
Wet method:
Many installers use a wet method. This can can also be helpful in ensuring you don’t end up with wrinkles or bubbles. Below is a link to the website for Rapid TAC Application Fluid. We recommend you view the video on this page and consider using a wet product like this to assist you with the installation. rapidtac.com

Step Six: Transfer Tape Removal

Now that you have the trailer graphic on, you’ll need to remove the transfer tape. To do this, start at one corner and slowly roll it back along the surface. If any part of the graphic sticks to the transfer tape, just stop pulling, roll it back a bit, repress the image onto the surface, and continue peeling away.

You’re done!

You have just applied a one-of-a-kind logo personalized for your trailer. Good job! We would love to see how great your trailer looks along with your friends. Please Share on your favorite social media site with the hashtag #ClassBtrailergraphicsrock

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