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Shirt Color Guide – Yellows and Golds
July 20, 2015

Daisy is a bright, true yellow. Its saturated and vibrant hue is a great choice if you want to stand out in a crowd!


Gold is a deep, saturated yellow hue. This is the most popular shade of yellow for Cub Scouts, since it’s quite close to the “Pack Gold” in the Cub Scout logo. This color looks great paired with Royal Blue or Navy ink for Cub Scout shirts designs!


Honey is a more muted, deep yellow hue. Not as bright as gold, it has a lovely warm earthy tone to it.


Vegas Gold
Vegas Gold is a very subdued shade of yellow, with a hint of tan. It’s a very light shade, and works best with darker ink colors.

Vegas GoldVegas Gold

Shirt Color Guide – Reds, Pinks, and Oranges
July 20, 2015


Cherry Red Our Gildan 100% Cotton Cherry Red is a cooler red, with just a small hint of blue in it. It is a very close alternative to our regular, traditional Red.


Red The Gildan 100% Cotton Red color is a traditional bright, vibrant red. It works great with both light and dark ink colors, and will help your group stand out in a crowd!


Cardinal Red Gildan 100% Cotton Cardinal Red is a deep, dramatic red. Sometimes this color is also called “Crimson”. Cardinal Red works best with lighter ink colors.


Maroon Gildan 100% Cotton Maroon is a very dark red with a lot of blue in it. It is a very sophisticated hue, and popular for Boy Scout Troops. We recommend only using lighter ink colors with this darker tone.


Azalea Gildan 100% Cotton Azalea is a bright and mellow medium shade of pink. This color is popular for family reunions and Girl Scout Troops. We recommend medium and darker inks for this hue for the most contrast.


Heliconia Gildan 100% Cotton Heliconia is a very saturated shade of pink. It’s sometimes referred to as “Hot Pink” It works with most light and dark shades of ink!


Tangerine Gildan 100% Cotton Tangerine is a slightly lighter, brighter orange with a yellowish tint. This color is sometimes also called Mandarin Orange. Light or dark inks can be printed on this shirt color.


Orange Gildan 100% Orange is a saturated, deep shade of Orange. This color works wonderfully with light or dark inks!


Shirt Color Guide: Greens
July 20, 2015


Gildan 100% Cotton Pistachio is a very soft lighter green with a warm tone. This color works best with only medium and dark ink colors.


Gildan 100% Cotton Kiwi is more saturated than the Serene Green or Pistachio. However it is still a nice soft, mature, medium green. This shade also works best with medium to dark ink colors.


Gildan 100% Cotton Lime Green is a bright, vivid shade of light green. Closely resembling a “Neon Green”, this shirt color is sure to help your group stand out in a crowd!


Irish Green
Gildan 100% Cotton Irish Green is a bright, true green. A great medium-toned shade of green, it works well with almost any ink color!


Kelly Green
Gildan 100% Kelly Green is slightly darker than the Irish Green, and with a cooler tone. A very popular color with Girl Scout Troops, this tone also works with most ink colors!


Gildan 100% Cotton Jade is a shade of green that is almost blue. With its saturated turquoise tone, this color is rich and vibrant!


Forest Green
Gildan 100% Cotton Forest Green is a very saturated, dark shade of green. Sometimes referred to as “Hunter Green”, this color works best with medium or light colored inks. Dark inks like Navy or Black would not be visible when printed on this shirt color.

Forest-Green Forest

Shirt Color Guide: Blues
July 20, 2015


Gildan 100% Cotton Sky is a very light shade of blue with a slight hint of turquoise. A difficult color to replicate with a logo, Sky closely resembles the lighter blue in the Webelos logo. This color works best with darker and medium inks.


Carolina Blue
Gildan 100% Cotton Carolina Blue is a medium shade of blue with a nice even tone. A very versatile color, this shade works with almost any ink!


Gildan 100% Cotton Iris is a lovely saturated medium blue with a slightly cool purple hue.


Gildan 100% Cotton Sapphire Blue is quite the controversial color! It is a very difficult shade of blue to replicate on a computer screen. To some, it appears to be a true medium blue. In reality, this color has is a very saturated shade with a greenish turquoise tone. It can sometimes be referred to as “California Blue”. If you’re considering ordering this shirt color, we suggest requesting a physical swatch sample in the mail beforehand.

Twitter logoSapphire

Royal Blue
Gildan 100% Cotton Royal Blue is most commonly referred to as our “True Blue”. This shade is very popular with Packs, and closely resembles the shade of Blue in the Cub Scout logo.

FacebookLogo*304Royal copy

Navy Blue
Gildan 100% Cotton Navy Blue is a very dark shade of blue. Sometimes referred to as Midnight Blue, this deep shade works best with light and medium ink colors only. Darker inks like Black or Forest Green will not be visible on this shirt color.


How Do I Use the Mini Wood Badge Patrol Flags for Presentations?
December 12, 2014

This article explains how the Mini Wood Badge Patrol Flag can be used as an aid in Wood Badge presentations!


Dowels on the Mini Wood Badge Patrol Flags

are excellent aids for presentations!


Simply invert your presentation binder and

place the front and back covers snuggly

between the two dowels.


The dowels hold the binder for

a hands-free presentation!


The front-facing presentation is now easy to

view by all participants in the course.


The instructor can now turn pages and teach lessons

 without having to hold the presentation binder!


Featured Customer: Pack 4030 from Bountiful, UT
October 8, 2014

We’re really excited to announce that we’ll be featuring individual groups in many of our upcoming blog posts throughout the season!
Our first featured group is Pack 4030 out of Bountiful, UT.   They sent us an awesome photo of their Pack on a Scouting adventure in Millcreek Canyon, Utah, and had some great things to say about their ClassB t-shirts!
 “The picture is of some of the Senior Webelos of St Olaf Pack 4030 in Bountiful, Utah.  We are standing in front of the lake at Camp Tracy, the scout camp in Millcreek Canyon, Utah. We were just beginning our two-day adventure that would include hiking, archery, nature studies, boating and more. With all this outdoor activity, your t-shirts made a huge impact! The boys were very comfortable and cool, accomplishing all the activities with ease. We received numerous favorable comments on how neat the shirts looked and how easily identifiable the boys were. Thanks for a great product!”
Want to be featured in our blog?  Send us photos of your group wearing your ClassB t-shirts with a short paragraph about what your group has been up to lately to, and you may see your photos here next!!

How do I change the font style?
August 20, 2014

When in the Design Editor for your design you should see a Design Elements menu to the right of the picture of the shirt.  
Help Page How Do  I Change The Font Style?

Notice the design elements to the right of the shirt.

  There are two different lines of text in this particular design but this will change to match the specific design you will be customizing. Once you decide what text you want to change, press the Edit button with the pencil graphic found beneath the chosen text.  
Close up of Edit Button

Press the Edit button to access the Edit Font Menu.

Once you have the edit page open, there are three important sections of the edit page that we will go through. The first is the box on the far top left of the edit page. You should see the text as written. If you go in and type the correct text in to the box, the changes will appear in the preview.  
Edit Font page in the Custom T-shirt Designer

Notice how the troop number was changed in the text box and in the preview.

You might notice that the text you add is bigger or smaller than the previous text. This might result in off centered or misaligned text. Don’t worry! That’s why we have an art team here. All we need you to do is decide what style font and we’ll do all the cleaning up. You can change your font style by choosing from the Font List drop down menu or type the name of a specific font using the Font Search box. Both of these options are located to the right of the text box. You can browse our available Font styles here: 5,006 fonts in 52 different categories for your custom t-shirt design! You can manipulate your text using several of the options available.  Choose Straight or Arced Text be lost the font style options.  Add borders or shadows (and change the font fill color) on the right side of the Font Editor.  Change font size, rotate, even add warp effects in the center, or if you prefer, call us up and have us do some of the more difficult changes, we’re always happy to help! Click the “Save Changes” button to update your design, or “Discard Changes” to leave the Font Editor without updating your design.

April 2014 Customer Photos!
May 5, 2014

Hi All! This Spring is shaping up to be a busy time for some of you. We’ve heard some great stories and have been privileged to receive super fun photos of your groups in your awesome t-shirts. Our Boy Scout and Cub Scout customers have really hit the ground running with some memorable activities. You’ve been to fire stations and meetings and even found landmarks that match your shirts! We appreciate you taking the time to send us all your fantastic photos! Special thanks to the Pack 2 Wolf Den from Ottumwa, Iowa for capturing this picture perfect moment in your Tipi Patrol T-shirts! Pack 2’s Wolf Den was the winning entry for our Facebook Patrols Contest in February. :) We hope you keep your pictures coming so we can continue to share them! Be sure to browse through the photos below to see what our troop and pack customers were up to last month. …And of course, don’t forget to check back regularly to see more! ;) Want to see YOUR group here? If you have pictures in your custom t-shirts, please send them to your ClassB customer rep! We would be proud to feature them on our next Customer Photo blog! All photos shown are the property of the photographer and are reposted with permission.

ClassB VP Receives Silver Beaver Award from BSA!
April 11, 2014

IMG_9670 2

Last Saturday, ClassB’s Vice President, Gregg Hilferding, received the Silver Beaver Award from the Boy Scouts of America’s Gulf Ridge Council. The Silver Beaver is the highest recognition a council can present to an adult volunteer.

Many of you know Gregg because of the work he does with Scouting through ClassB. Outside of work, Gregg dedicates a great deal of his personal time to Scouting as a council volunteer. He has been the Gulf Ridge Council Advancement Chair since September 2010 and is a lifetime member of the National Eagle Scout Association. Gregg is also a member of the Boy Scouts of America National Speaker Bank and regularly speaks to community organizations about Scouting.

From his young start as a Tiger Cub to becoming an Eagle Scout, Gregg has literally grown up in the Scouting program. He is an ordeal member of the Order of the Arrow and has attended both World and National Jamborees as a camper and staff member. Gregg has been an Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Chair, Troop Committee member, Scoutmaster and an advisor to a new Venturing Crew.

On behalf of everyone at ClassB, we’d like to sincerely congratulate Gregg on this well deserved recognition. He is an inspiration to us all!

March 2014 Customer Photos!
April 3, 2014

Spring is in the air, which means out with the cold and in with the… sun! You must be so excited about everything you have planned this season.

Thanks so much to our thoughtful customers who sent in great photos this month. These are surely just the first of many great times you’ll have this year.

Please remember, we aren’t the only ones who love to see you in your super cool t-shirts! Did you take the trip of a lifetime? Have you laughed yourself silly at camp? If you caught these memorable moments on film while wearing your custom shirts we’d love to share them here.

Please keep the pictures coming and be sure to browse through the photos below to see what our customers were up to last month.

…And of course, don’t forget to check back regularly to see more! ;)

Want to see YOUR group here? If you have pictures in your custom t-shirts, please send them to your ClassB customer rep! We would be proud to feature them on our next Customer Photo blog!
All photos shown are the property of the photographer and are reposted with permission.
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