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Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

As a brand new troop starting out, we were nervous about our first order. I have never had such a flawless ordering process; from online to when the product arrived. What an amazing experience!

Christina C.
Savannah, TX
April 30th

The personal contact from Class B staff at every step made my order a breeze - I felt very confident with my order!

Tim B.
San Ramon, California
April 30th

We had less than 2 weeks until Camporee and needed Class B shirts. The ClassB team not only provided great choices, but the cost was reasonable and the shirts arrived on time and looked great. Thank you ClassB.com!

Chuck F.
Rowland Heights, CA
April 30th

Was a great experience. The order was shipped quickly and neatly. I'm impressed

Angela P
Indianapolis, Indiana
April 30th

The level of service I experienced with the staff at ClassB.com was excellent. Everyone with whom I dealt really seemed to care about our Pack's order. The product quality was excellent. Everyone in our Pack is excited to wear these cool, new t-shirts.

Lauren B.
Stafford, Virginia
April 30th

The service provided by ClassB.com is outstanding.

Tracy P.
Junction City, Ks
April 30th

I am so very pleased with the shirts I recieved. I didn't imagine they would come out better than I though they would. I'll deffinately get major kudos and I'm looking forward to showing up wearing it at the reunion.

Esther R
Jacksonvillle, NC
April 29th

I had to rush my order and the shirts came with two days to spare. Just love the shirts and can't wait to wear them!!! Your Company
was very helpful and did a great job! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Peggy D
Corona, California
April 29th

I ordered the sample kit so that those who were ordering could select the correct size. The ordering process was simple and efficient and I was kept up-to-date via email on the status of my order. I have confidence that our real order will be handled in the same manner!

Bryan A
Phoenix, AZ
April 29th

I love the fact that you check your order at each step. i just reordered hats for our troop. the first time we ordered them, we had names on the back. This time we left them off. The person taking the order didn't notice this but soemone in production did. She called me to verify that it was correct.

What service!!

Pete D.
Memphis, TN
April 22nd

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