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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

This is our thrid year with Our boys love wearing their shirts. Your company's customer service can't be beat. Thanks for delivering a quality product in a timely fashion.

Joe W.
Waldorf, Maryland
November 3rd

Wonderful existing designs that can be used to customize your order... What an "added" bonus it was to display all those in attendance at our family reunion on the reunion tshirts we ordered through your company! Thank you!!!

Tanya W
Fort Worth, Texas
November 3rd

Everyone at Class B is wonderful to work with. The whole process is quite painless, and working with the artist online is sooo simple.

Mary K
Chesapeake, VA
November 3rd

Beware! If you need only a few more patches for new boys, you are going to be stuck ordering the minimum even if you only need one or two. Unfortunate that ClassB cannot accomodate returning customers who only need a few extra patches.

Betty B
Alexandria VA
November 3rd

My experience was great. There were lots of designs to choose from. Everyone was very helpful and speedy. My son loved the little "extra" prize they included in my package!! I will certainly use them again.

Terri S.
Marietta, GA.
November 2nd

ClassB is so easy to work with. We had two design changes and they not only did exactly as we asked, but they were able to make the changes the same day. I'd definitely recommend this company to other Scout groups!

Kristin H.
Tucson, AZ
November 1st

Excellent organization. You folks have your act together.

Tom F
San Luis Obispo, CA
October 31st

ClassB did a very good job with the shirt order for my Pack, I am sure they will do a great job for yours.

Craig H.
Appleton, WI
October 29th

Great job - the whole order process was smooth, efficient and friendly. Product is very good quality.

Ann C.
Coppell, TX
October 28th

For the available patches, you need one page to have every available patches on. That way customer can print that page and show people about them. When I try to show my scouts which choices do they have for patrol patch, I need to go to every patch pages just to greb the images.

Bond-Jay Ting,
Santa Clarita, California
October 27th

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