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ClassB was phenomenal to work with! Easy to edit existing designs to make it our own. Quick responses and great customer service. They were willing and able to accommodate a change to an order that hadn’t yet gone to production, but I had already approved. Being a Philmont crew shirt, and having a late addition to the crew, we are all thankful that the new member is able to have his name and appropriately sized shirt for our trek! That couldn’t have happened without ClassB being so flexible and easy to work with.

Kelley S, Tuttle, OK
June 3rd

I had a hard time deciding on the front of the shirt design. There are lots to choose from but most were just too elaborate or busy for me. I was looking for something fairly simple but I found something to work, Thanks again for your great service... Also surprised there was no mascot in this shipment.

Kraig O, Louisville, OH
June 3rd


Sandra T, Rock Springs, WY
June 2nd

Every time I use Class B for Custom items for Scout Troops and Cub Packs as well as for personal use Scouting items.
I get nothing but the BEST customer service and the custom items are far beyond the best.
I have been involved in Scouting for over 38 years and I HIGHLY recommend Class B for all your custom Scouting BSA needs.

Al K, Flemington, NJ
June 2nd

Thank you for having so many ideas and options. We would have no idea where to start with ideas so we love yours and really appreciate being able to manipulate the design as well.

Shannon M, New Berlin, WI
June 1st

We just received our shirts from class B and are so pleased! They look fantastic and came a week earlier than we expected. Service was excellent. We received an immediate answer to a question we had and appreciated how quick and easy the process was.

Lisa G, Mount Pleasant, SC
June 1st

The staff were awesome to work with, the product was exactly as we had requested!

Bill L, Havre, MT
May 31st

I have to say that your online design tool is a challenge to use. The basic design is fine but to customize sufficiently so that your designers have an idea of what I am looking for, is quite a challenge. It takes a lot of time and the tool is not easy to use.

LeAnn Pipkins, Redwood City, CA
May 29th

Okay - let me start by saying, as an event planner, I order custom gear all the time - from every type of vendor - and I have never had a better customer service experience. I thought I’d waited way too long to order the shirts for my son’s Philmont camping trip this summer and I was prepared to pay a lot for expedited shipping. I chatted online with ClassB and realized I had plenty of time! From order to in hand (with FREE shipping) was about a week! I used two of the preset designs and customized them VERY EASILY with our troop number and location. Once I placed the order, I heard from a customer service agent within minutes. She provided a single contact throughout the printing and shipping process. She assured that I had the correct information (like Trek and Itinerary Numbers) and that my custom design would actually “look right” when it got here. (I did not have time to make a mistake!) She was one of the best customer service agents I’ve ever had the joy of working with. Both of my shirts arrived in hand within 2 weeks and they will be ready for distribution at the shakedown. I will ABSOLUTELY be using ClassB in the future for not only Scout shirts, but also for other shirts we need for other events and projects. THANK YOU CLASSB FOR MAKING ME LOOK SOOOO GOOD!!!

Emily B, Birmingham, AL
May 27th

Best TIP, Save yourself a lot of frustration and call the design team right away. They were a fantastic help. I could have saved myself an hour or 2 of try this or that. Their suggestions and help were great.

Eric O, Littleton, CO
May 24th

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