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October 10th

I was very pleased with my shipments quality and speedy delivery. We got them just in time for our 1st outing. Way to go ClassB

Nathan T.
Archdale, NC
October 8th

I was very pleased with the entire process, from using your website to custom design our own shirts, ordering the samples, the sizing charts, the person I phoned early on who answered some initial questions, and communications with the customer representative after placing the order. The shipment itself was also well organized, making it easier for me to distribute the shirts.

Jason H.
Tucson, Arizona
October 7th

ClassB was wonderful to work with and the shirts look super awesome and arrived quickly. I will not hesitate to place our next pack shirt order with ClassB.

Mina Lee
Agoura Hills, California
October 7th

These guys are great. Super responsive, go beyond the call of duty with respect to getting your design just right, and they overdeliver with respect to the final product. Bravo!

Mary H.
West Bloomfield, MI
October 2nd

Hard to describe, but when trying to customize the shirt design, I could only see the bottom half of the image as it was updated. The image was stuck up in the left top corner, so never knew exactly what the final product looked like (you can click on the bottom items and they can be dragged into view, but cannot reach the top part of the design). It worked out fine in the end using emails to get things just right, but would work better if the logo is viewable. I tried different computer settings, thinking I could change the view to capture that area of the webpage but to no avail.

Chris S.
Savannah, GA
October 2nd

Andrea Friar went above and beyond to help me with my order. I was on a time crunch to have the order placed for a Cub Scout parade in our home town. When the time came for me to place the order, I was at a hospital with my mother having a procedure done. Cell service was horrible and I was awaiting the surgeon to come out to talk to us so my hands were tied on where I could make the call, place the order, plus be there for my mom. Andrea not only helped me place the order on the phone but understood and let me call her back a few hours later, when I had cell service, to complete to order. THANK YOU ANDREA! I wish all businesses has as great customer service as ClassB.

Kathy S.
September 30th

A business that runs on professionalism. The process is smooth, and the staff are friendly, and helpful. I wish this model could be found elsewhere.

Christin N
Ventura, CA
September 26th

This is our first time ordering from ClassB.com and are very impressed and pleased with the ease of the website, and customer service from its representatives.

Troop 76
Hercules, CA
July 17th

Great experience. Really appreciated the hand signed/written thank yous and the follow up.

Kyle D.
Marshalltown, Iowa
September 26th

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