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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

The shirts look great I can't wait for our next pack hike to see the boys in them. Great service and quick turn around.

Barb P.
Lakewood, Colorado
May 27th

It was so easy to order our Class B shirts, our Troop is all outfitted now!

Melanie N.
Kingsland, Ga.
May 27th

Thank you from BSA Troop 219 Lancaster NH You Rock

Jason M Lancaster NH
May 27th

You always manage to meet and, more often than not, exceed delivery time frames, we have never experienced any issues or concerns with products. We are thrilled to purchase garments from ClassB!

Valerie H.
Zephyrhills, FL
May 27th

The fact that I could make the t-shirts exactly like my club wanted was great and the fact that a real human was there to interact with and answer questions was great.

Rachel C.
F.H., Vermont
May 24th

I have used for both our Troop and Crew tshirts and sweatshirts. The customer service is great! Robert has helped me twice this year and was AMAZING both times answering questions and helping me through the ordering process. The products are long-lasting and cool for the scouts. Great color selections and artwork. We have received many compliments. Thanks

Kristina R.
Omaha, NE
May 24th


Marlene VanDevander
Nineveh, In
May 23rd

Great shirts! Great service! Have ordered from Class B several times and have always been very pleased. Thank you!

Billie F.
Roswell, GA
May 23rd

Everyone I had contact with at ClassB was an exceptional employee. My box even arrived with a smiley face had drawn by the person who shipped the order. I had intended to ask Robert to send me a swatch of fabric with my order so I could determine color for a future order. I received one in the mail from him before I got a chance to request it. Hands down the best customer service from any company I have EVER dealt with online!!

Lisa M.
Kershaw, SC
May 23rd

Our Cub Scout Pack LOVES to order from ClassB! So easy to order and have a personal Pack Tshirt! Thanks ClassB

Rachel J
Oswego, IL
May 20th

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