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Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

When ClassB was experiencing problems with a press that might have delayed the arrival of my order, they immediately contacted me. Together we found a solution that worked perfectly. Other companies would have just sent the order late and apologized after the fact. Thank you for your professionalism.

Karen M.
Henderson, Texas
November 5th

We ordered a custom Patrol Patch. I designed the artwork and was very pleased with the quality of the stitching. Our design was of a wolf howling and pine tree in the background and they gave the tree a wonderful texture that made it look very nice. It is a very beautiful patch.

Kenneth H.
Broken Arrow, OK
November 5th

Hooded Sweatshirts are EXTREMELY thin and of horrible quality. Completely defeats the purpose of having a hooded sweatshirt. Would have been more than happy to pay extra for a GOOD quality sweatshirt. All other hooded sweatshirts available to pick from had silly looking multi color combinations on them. I now have multiple parents telling me the same thing.

Keith S. Saint Francis, WI
November 4th

Great experience. Great prices. Fast shipping. Friendly sales team. Order executed perfectly. THANK YOU!

Brad P.
Hyde Park, New York
November 3rd

We just received our latest order of pack t-shirts from Class B, and they are spectacular as always! We have gotten so many compliments on or pack t-shirts that our boys wear them with pride, and a big smile!
Thanks Class B for a great product that matches your great service.

Tricia A.
Lake Forest, Illinois
November 2nd

Make the offers you give for the orders more visual. Example the banner offer

Julie L. De Queen,At
October 31st

Yes...I was extremely pleased with my order...thank you to all who helped with it and I will try to get a picture of our Kiwanis club to send to you. God bless you all!

Joyce W.
Waverly, Nebrska

October 30th

I have ordered from ClassB 5 times in the last year and they have all been wonderful experience. A huge shout out to Andrea who made my last order go as smoothly as possible! She called me to let me know sizes run a little small on youth sweatshirts so I could adjust my order and make sure my boys got something that fit! Top notch customer service as always! Thank you from Pack 25!!

Becky F.
Bakersfield, CA
October 30th

Ryan Roberts was great, very helpful throughout the entire ordering process. Defiantly will be ordering from Class B again because of him.

Derek W.
Woodward, OK
October 30th

My experience was seamless, helpful, and high quality throughout. I've never completed a survey with all excellents...and so happy to do so!

D'Ann C
Southlake, TX
October 30th

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