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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

ClassB is so easy to work with and they DO care about the orders. I would and will order from them again. Excellent customer service/art work/caring, etc. I would give them a 5 Star rating!!!!

Tammy R
Geneseo, IL
December 13th

What a great group of professionals at ClassB. They work with me all the way through. I will order all my Shirts from ClassB from now on.

Bill C.
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
December 12th

Ver satisfied with the patches and very speedy delivery! I would not hesitate to do business again with

Pete E.
East Berlin, PA
December 11th

I'm thrilled with my order! It was easy to put together and I received very personable support. I felt very informed about every stage of production that my order was in and when it would arrive. Actually, it arrived two days before it was scheduled - yeah!

Angela J.
Simi Valley, California
December 11th

Placing my order with was one of the best choices. Their website was easy to get around. I was able to design our Pack's shirts with very little effort and placing the order was even easier. I appload for being profesional, curtious and thoughtful. I received a card in the mail from thanking me for my service and all those involved with my order signed it. The product received was excellent. is now my place to purchase from. - Thank You and please continue doing a great job!

Your Friends from Pack 250 in Michigan.

Rick S
Schoolcraft, Michigan
December 10th

I love your Old Goat Patrol Patches -- they are just what our leaders are looking for!

Gordon W.
La Canada, CA
December 10th

Awesome as always. You guys rock! We'll be back for sure!

Nina C.
Somers, NY
December 10th

The quality of the shirts are first class, and the service is fantastic! I would recommend ordering from ClassB to anyone.

Annette L.
Marietta, GA
December 10th

Class B is truly a CLASS ACT all the way!
Easy ordering, friendly and helpful staff, excellent communication and top-notch quality!
Keep up the GREAT job - we look forward to working with you again for all our Pack's T-Shirt needs!

Kevin P.
Los Angeles, CA
December 9th

The packing was great, the quality of the t-shirts is great, and the delivery was ahead of schedule!

Keep up the great work!

Carl W.
Fort Worth, Texas
December 5th

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