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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

Designing our shirt using the online tools was a breeze! When the time came to approve the final artwork, a real person was available by phone and quickly helped answer the questions and fix the very minor issue in the design. Thanks for a CLASS A operation!

Jeff K. (Pack 531)
McKinney, Texas
November 13th

We were extremely happy with our order through We had ordered through them a few months ago and needed to put in a reorder - both times we were extremely happy with the service they provided!

Kelly B.
Rowlett, TX
November 12th

Why does this testimonial mention a site other than ClassB?
We merged GetYourShirts, CloverTees and ClassB together in 2010.

From beginning to end our order was top priority and we were their most important least that's the way they made us feel! The process was detailed, timely and personal! Being a small business owner we like to do business the old fashioned way, with a promise and a handshake. I think that the ClassB company has many of the same values and feels that every order is important no matter what! I can't wait to see the response from the Cub Scouts and their families when they see these shirts. Thank you to the entire staff at ClassB! You did a great job!!!!!

Mary G.
Dyer, Indiana
November 12th

everything was great, the service, the shirts, the shipping. couldn't ask for anything more. thanks you

bill p
orlando, fl
November 11th

This was my second time to use The process is simple, the products are high quality and the turn around is quick. For a busy Cubmaster what else could you ask for.

Kyle H.
Liberty Hill, Texas
November 11th

Excellent service, great communication.
The boy's really liked the shirts.

Maryann S.
Edison, New Jersey
November 10th

The ordering experience is one of the easiest online experiences I've had. I had questions about a color choice and when I chose the wrong one, a customer service representative was able to help me clarify exactly which color our Pack had ordered previously. Thanks! Now we all match even though the orders were 2 years apart.

Miriam O.
Charlotte, NC

November 9th

The shirts were perfect, the extra gift was cool, and the Thank You card was unexpected! I have never seen customer service like this in my life!!!!!

Bob S.
Lemont, Illinois
November 8th

Exception service, easy of ordering, a fine product at a fair price - what more could you ask for!

John T.
New York, NY
November 8th

Luckily, I am familiar with Gildan 50/50, so I know just how small they run. I believe you should stress just how small they run in your description by comparing them to actual size, such as:
Gildan 50/50 YL 14/16 = Regular 10/12.

Elizabeth M.
Eureka, Missouri
October 31st

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