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September 1, 2010

Dear Customers,

I am excited today to announce a major restructuring of our company. Beginning this week, we are combining all of our t-shirt related websites into ClassB.com. Over the course of the next month, ClassB® will become the online home for all of our screen printing, digital printing and embroidered apparel lines.

The primary reason for merging all of our websites is so that we can offer even better customer service by streamlining all of our current systems. Looking ahead to growth into new markets, we realize that supporting dozens of websites will prove to be difficult & confusing. Combining all of our customer service resources will allow us to better serve all of our customers.

This merger will put all of our niches together on one site. Boy Scouts of America, 4-H, Kiwanis Key Club, family reunions and all our other niches will now share a single source for custom printed t-shirts.

When we started talking about this merger, we realized that most of our customers share a couple things in common: You are volunteers in your community and you are active in your family. With this merger, we hope to do more to support the role you’re playing in strengthening your family, your community and our country.

ClassB has the honor of making custom t-shirts for the best customers in America.

We are all excited about this change and confident it’s the right step to take to keep up with our company’s overall growth. It will be an exciting few months at ClassB as we complete the merging of our websites and streamline our customer service.

Thank you so much for your business and all that you do,

Eric Hilferding

Eric Hilferding
CEO – ClassB®

P.S. I hope you will provide feedback regarding this merger on our blog & Facebook page. You can also reach me directly by emailing merger@classb.com.

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