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Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

Once again ClassB did a wonderful job with our order. It couldn't have been easier or more efficient.

Stacey D.
Troop 616
Calhoun, Tennessee
December 17th

Your customer service is outstanding. Seeing custom designs in advance using your site and prompt and helpful personal contact with your sales and design staff made for a care-free purchase for our pack. And the kids loved the shirts. Thanks again.

Mike M.
Pierre, SD
December 17th

We placed a re-order of our Pack Class B t-shirt design. Once again a quality product was delivered at a fair price. The t-shirts arrived one day early and in time for our monthly Pack meeting. Thanks ClassB.com!

Evan T.
Mansfield, Texas
December 15th

Hello folks,
This was our first experience with Class B and could not be happier.
I placed the order online and had no problem,
after placing the order I realized that we would be giving them to the boys as christmas gifts,the regular delivery date was after our party so I contacted Class B and requested to change the delivery to priority and was accomodated without question.
The entire staff was totally and completely courteous and made this first experience a great one.
The order arrived two days before the party and gave us the opportunity to gift wrap them.
I cannot thank Class B enough for making this order an awesome experience,and will not hesitate to order in the future.
The kids loved the shirts.

Al M.
December 15th

I believe I paid rush charges needlessly. I was encouraged to pay even more in rush charges to ensure my order would be received in time. It came in 2 days early and appeared to follow the normal work order flow. I felt I was being asked to pay additional rush order charges needlessly and declined to pay for the "super expedited" service. I am thankful I declined. Just as I suspected, the order arrived several days early. I would have thrown my money away if I had given in to the request for additional rush charges.

Clint W.
Brentwood, Tennessee
December 15th

Beautiful shirts, great service and a personal committment to customer satisfaction! We'll be ordering more shirts from ClassB.com.

Jeana H.
Valrico, Florida
December 14th

Another great shirt order from a great company. As always, we are very pleased with our pack shirts. Good job folks!

Roland D.
Montgomery, Texas
December 13th

ClassB puts out a fine quality product and a wonderful staff to deal with. It's really nice to see a company that makes customer service important! Thank you to everyone at ClassB!

Brandy C.
Elko, NV
December 12th

Thanks, Class B, for a top notch product! Your professionalism from start to finish was greatly appreciated.

Heather M
Tahoe City, CA
December 11th

ClassB,com did an outstanding job. The shirts arrived exactly as ordered, and their service was second to none. I only wish we had found them sooner.

Matt W.
Cubmaster Portland, OR
December 11th

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