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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

Absolutely and totally satisfied with your product and your superb customer service. Will definitely refer you as well as utilize your services again. THANK YOU!

August 18th

The first tme I ordered from I had many questions on the process and how to go about ordering the design I wanted. The staff always answered my quesitons and walked me through the process in a most courteous and professional manner. They put me at ease and the entire process was quite smoothe and easy. The second time I ordered was a breeze!

Nancy D
Paramus, NJ
August 18th

Was so pleased last year with my Girl Scout troop shirts that we came back again for more! Very cooperative and patient, helpful and prompt! I always recommend you to the troops that are always asking "Where did you get those shirts, they are great?" THANKS!

Lisa P.
Cape Coral, FL
June 9th

Our Pack loves our ClassBs! Everyone at ClassB was a pleasure to work with and our order even arrived early!

Suzanne C.
Germantown, Maryland
June 8th

Tremendous detail-oriented caring staff. Wonderful communication and speedy execution. We'll be getting all of our shirts from The scouts loved them.

Lillie G.
Seabrook, NJ
June 7th was wonderful to work with! They kept you updated on your order and it was a real pleasure to work with them. Definitly A+!

Cindi H
Orange Park Fl
June 7th

Great experience. Very professional people to work with and a quality experience. Will definitely return. Thanks, my shirts look awesome!!

Jacquie G.
Columbia, Maryland
August 16th

Working with "Getyourshirts" was an outstanding experience! The staff was helpful, kind, and acccomadating. Our shirts turned out wonderfully. The price was great too!

Jessica S.
Reno, Nevada
August 16th

Why does this testimonial mention a site other than ClassB?
We merged GetYourShirts, CloverTees and ClassB together in 2010.

Terrific selection, products, & service. I couldn't hope for better.

Scout Mom
Huntsville TX
August 15th Was an easy and exciting experince. We enjoyed looking and selecting our print for our Troop shirt. Once they arrived we were all so excited we had to put them on immediatly. Thank you ClassB

Regina Brewster
Magnolia, Texas
April 13th

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