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These guys did great! This company sees to be running like a well oiled machine.

Justin T.
Richmond, Utah
June 28th

This is the second time we've ordered from your company and each time we have problems,these t-shirts were not ordered or lost for productin. Wouldn't have been an issued but we called to check on progress of t-shirts and a representive stated that our order would be delivered on time. Delivery was 1 week late. Cost of t-shirts is awesome and no shipping even better ,but when you are promised merchandise on a certain date and it has not arrived on time and we have to call to find out what the issues are ,then i think a futher discount should be given.

Bill G
ASM Troop 610
Brook Park,Ohio 44130
June 27th

Excellent product, excellent service. Very helpful and easy to do business with. Will definitely purchase from again in the future.

Jim W.
Birmingham, AL
June 27th

The people at ClassB.com are first rate across the board. From customer service to the art department, to shipping - everyone worked to make sure our t-shirt order was exactly as we wanted and right on time! Our scouts were thrilled with their new "summer uniforms"!!

Joe B.
Everett, Washington
June 27th

Class B is always a "Class" Act with its products and service... I've never had a better experience purchasing products online!

Maria K.
Hutchinson, Kansas
June 26th

Great customer service! The reps and artist were friendly and responded quickly to all of my questions.

Traci Diggs
Raleigh, North Carolina
June 26th

Our overall experience was excellent. Customer service was timely and helpful. Sales staff was experienced and very professional.

Sonja B.
Salem, WI
June 26th

These shirts are so popular everyone who shows up to pick up their order is buying extras!

Bethany A.
Poway, California
June 25th

Great selection online. I had to call because of the wide variety of sizes we needed (i.e., child to 4XL Adult) and the individual I spoke with was fantastic with her suggestions. We ended up changing the color of the shirt to accomodate all the sizes and we are thrilled with them. They arrived on the day they said they would (a rarity in this day and age). Keep up the great work. We are ready to reorder as so many adults wante dthe shirts after they saw them.

Sue R.
Janesville, CA
June 25th

I ordered 125 shirts in 8 different colors. You have the best selection of shirt colors! The web site made it easy to see how the different colors look with any design and print color. Started with one of many great stock designs and had it customized for my family picnic. Everyone loves the design! My order was perfect and arrived right on time! Thank You!

Wendy P.
Vernon Hills, Illinois
June 24th

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