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Great T-shirt with a quick turn around!

Julie M
Santa Cruz, California
July 13th

What a great experience! Our customer sales representative Armando was friendly courteous, kind and helpful...hopefully he was a Boy Scout in his past. Our order process was simple and expedient. Our order arrived exactly when they told us it would. Because of our experience with Class B with Wicking Tee Shirts, I immediate placed and order for 1/4 fleece jackets for our group!

Ken H.
Rochester, New York
July 13th

I ordered shirts for my family reunion and everything from picking the design to placing the order was incredibly simple. The whole experience was one that was not filled with frustration or unease like other online shopping experiences that I have encountered. With this is mind, it is very safe to say that I will without a doubt be ordering from GetYourShirts.com in the future.

Shaun W.
Los Angeles, CA
June 30th

Why does this testimonial mention a site other than ClassB?
We merged GetYourShirts, CloverTees and ClassB together in 2010.

The Scouts love their shirts. We're looking forward to wearing them when participating in Earth Day, etc., when we don't want their vests/sashes to get dirty.

Donna G.
Milford CT
October 27th

Our scouts voted on a design for a new Class B shirt. We got it ordered and delivered for them in time for the trip to Wolfeboro. We ordered the wicking shirts and they all loved their shirts!

Debbie H.
Vallejo, CA
July 11th

Great product! Arrived Early! Everybody is Happy! Thanks!

Tom M.
Redwood City, CA
July 9th

The computer graphics machine was down when I ordered our patrol flag, and the boys couldn't go to camp without it. As the deadline approached, ClassB offered to do a custom screen print of the design the boys wanted, and rush shipped it! It was beautiful and arrived on time! We were very grateful and impressed!!

Karen S.
Sevierville, TN
July 8th

My family has used ClassB for 3 years now with our family reunion tshirts and to rate the overall experience it would be a 10! We wouldn't have it any other way.

Tamica F.
Detroit, MI
August 5th

My family loved the shirts!!! The fit was perfect and the overall comfort of the shirt was fantastic! We will continue to purchase from ClassB.Com

Clarksville, TN
July 16th

My experience with ClassB.com was very positive. From my initial contact to the receipt of my order everything was flawless! Everyone I had contact with was professional and very helpful. The product was excellent quality and the price was very reasonable. I will absolutely use your services again and refer you to friends. Thanks for making our family reunion very special!

Leveda W.
Laguna Hills, CA
August 1st

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