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Worldwide Garment Shortages   Delivery dates for some garment styles, colors and sizes are significant. Alternate brands will be suggested to try to keep your order on schedule. Rush orders are only available for garments not affected. Standard turnaround is often 2-3 days longer that the quoted timeframe.

UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

Worked out order by email with employees. They were very helpful!

Chris H.
St Louis, MO
November 9th

This was the easiest and best experience I have ever had ordering and having to call and change something with my order. Everyone is so kind and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone. Great job and thank you.

Rae Lynn R.
Canton, TX
November 8th

The website is super user friendly, you have remarkable customer service, and a high quality product. I kept expecting something to go wrong because it all seemed too good to be true - but the whole experience from start to finish was incredible!!

Liz M.
Huntington, NY
November 6th

Our ordering experience was wonderful. Everyone was very pleasant to work with. Our products arrived exactly as they were ordered. Everyone was very happy with the t-shirts!! Thank you Class B

Diana B.
Bowie, Texas
November 6th

I'm all about costumer service and promptness. This company has both. My Pack will order from them in the future.

Wendy H.
Las Vegas, NV
Pack 482
November 6th

Thank you class b for delivering an excellent product and experience

Troy, MI
November 6th

Excellent and professional service. I was made aware of any issues and they were expertly resolved.

Damian C.
Littleton, New Hampshire
November 6th

This was the easiest and best t-shirt designing and ordering I have ever dealt with. Michael was always extremely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure our shirts looked exactly like we wanted. He spent extra time giving me different ideas and options on one of our custom designs and it turned out perfect.

Michele D.
Augusta, Georgia
Troop 643
November 5th

When ClassB was experiencing problems with a press that might have delayed the arrival of my order, they immediately contacted me. Together we found a solution that worked perfectly. Other companies would have just sent the order late and apologized after the fact. Thank you for your professionalism.

Karen M.
Henderson, Texas
November 5th

We ordered a custom Patrol Patch. I designed the artwork and was very pleased with the quality of the stitching. Our design was of a wolf howling and pine tree in the background and they gave the tree a wonderful texture that made it look very nice. It is a very beautiful patch.

Kenneth H.
Broken Arrow, OK
November 5th

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