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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

A brother in Christ recommended that I and Whittier Pack 219 purchase our Cub Scouts T-Shirts from Class B because they are the best customer service people and great prices. After Pack 219 completed the purchase and saw the product delivered, I can truly say Class B is the best and I highly recommend any one to try them. And to My brother (Simon) in Christ who is now with the Lord rejoicing,thank you.

Chon C.
Whittier, CA
November 19th

Nothing to complaint about. Your company doing wonderful job! Thank you, Andrea. You are an amazing person!

MyungEun C
Potomac, Maryland

November 19th

There was a minor issue with delivery date due to equipment failure. These things are beyond company control & occasionally happen. Our sales rep was on the ball & kept us informed in advance and did everything possible to maintain the original deliver by date. Out of MANY orders over several years this is the first time it ever happened & Andrea was so on top of things we are impressed! Delivery was only 1 day late & Class B came through as always! Thank you all.

Dwayne H.
Zephyhills, Florida
November 19th

Such a great experience ordering from Ordering online was very easy, the art department was excellent and accommodating of all of our changes to the design. Shirts shipped quickly and the order was accurate. We love our new shirts.

Christina S
Long Island, New York
November 19th

Excellent customer service- quality product, I will be using Class B again in the future and for other products outside of Scouts.

Craig M
Olympia Washington
November 18th

Absolutely love Class B!! Hands down a wonderful experience everytime. Every associate in every level has always been a real class act. Such nice people. I had some personal health issues this last order and Class B was a huge help to me. Now with a new challenge in life I plan to call on Class B to help me print some team items to spread the word about MS. Thank you Class B and I refer you to everyone I know!!

Carrie Robinson
Richmond, Texas
November 18th

Very easy to order and we're extremely happy with our purchase! Thank you ClassB!!!

Shawn W.
San Diego, CA
November 17th

I was so happy you all were about to get this order to us on Time... Thank you SO much!

Michelle G.
November 17th

Our family and group love ClassB shirts. They have become our favorite shirts and we wear one every week, meeting or not. The designs are fun too.

Grace N
Machias, ME
November 17th

Michael was excellent to work with and produced the perfect design for my needs

Linda W.
Tampa, Florida
November 14th

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