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Class B gave me fantastic very personal service. Their design site is super easy to use and turnaround was quick. The only thing I would say is to order up a size if you're getting the Sport-tek women's shirts, they run small!

Eva D.
Nashville, TN
April 26th

Always great service and great products would strongly recommend to all.

Ken S.
Norton, MA
April 25th

Rachel in Customer Service is awesome! She is always very responsive and attentive to our needs. She make sure everything is taken care of and gets through production as requested.

The artist is amazing! He takes your preliminary idea and brings it to life. Even if the customer does not have much of an imagination, like us, he makes it happen.

Donna V.
Olathe, KS
April 23rd

ClassB is a terrible name for a company that gives Class AAA service. Perfect every time. Thank you ClassB

Rob D.
Seoul, South Korea
April 22nd

Our custom patches turned out Great! My fiancée are getting married at the Boy Scout camp where we met and have served. So, we created patches to give to all of our guests. Rachel Barker, our Service Rep, was incredibly helpful and responsive, and Erik, our Designer, perfectly captured our concept.

Our one problem is that the metallic thread used for the button loops is too thin to be used for that purpose. They slid right out of the stitching intended to hold them in place. So, we had to hot glue all 125 patches to be able to use them.

Rachel acknowledged that this is a known problem with the metallic thread. If we had known, I would have been happy to use the thicker gray button loop option, which would hold a button more snugly, anyway, as well as not come undone. I'm concerned that people will lose them.

Rachel did offer to let us return them to get a few more stitches added. Unfortunately, we are in a time crunch, and there was no guarantee that would fix the problem. But, I wanted to mention that she did try to make it right. Instead, we decided we had to fix them ourselves.

I suggest that the metallic thread not be used for button loops, or that the potential problem should at least be noted somewhere before purchase.

Thank you

Dawn C.
Denver, CO
April 22nd

ClassB makes it very easy to order T-shirts. They have great followup to verify designs and numbers are correct. A Great place to order scout related merchandise.

Joy D
Stockbridge, GA
April 19th

My experience was positive and professional. The project came out better than expected. Thank you Class B

Andrew Aguilar
Placentia, California
April 18th


April 15th

Our troop wanted to give honor to a deceased scouter. In his memory, ClassB help to create this special patch. This patch will be awarded at our next Court of Honor by the son of the deceased scouter. The son is a member in the troop, working on his trail to Eagle. Thanks ClassB!!!!

Arlene W.
Hutchinson KS
April 13th

We ordered some neckerchiefs for our new Scouts BSA unit and we very happy with our order! The quality is well beyond what we thought it would be based on the price. The neckerchiefs are very durable and they look fantastic. We ordered purple neckerchiefs with gold borders and the colors are bold and look great. Everyone is thrilled with the way they turned out!

Ryan R.
Norwalk, Iowa
April 12th

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