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Excellent service! Turnaround time was critical for this event and GetYourShirts.com exceeded all expectations! We'll be back!

John B.
Lakeland, FL
May 16th

Why does this testimonial mention a site other than ClassB?
We merged GetYourShirts, CloverTees and ClassB together in 2010.

An outstanding product, with an efficient and fast turnaround time from first contact with ClassB, to receipt of the finished shirts (and we bought 150).

Ridge M.
Sanford, Florida
May 16th

GetYourShirts.com was phenomenal! Our Girl Scout trip was planning an out-of-town trip and we wanted sweatshirts for that trip. Based on their shipping from Florida to California and the length of time for their art department to get the art work together, it was going to be a very tight schedule. Instead, they beat their promised date by 4 whole business days! I will use them for my other Girl Scout troop and will recommend them to my friends!

Diana M.
Stevenson Ranch, California
May 15th

Why does this testimonial mention a site other than ClassB?
We merged GetYourShirts, CloverTees and ClassB together in 2010.

Truly a wonderful job. Everyone loved the shirts and the artwork. We will most definitely use your company from now on! Thanks so much for the great service also.

Debbie D.
Odenton, MD
May 15th

If I had known that I couldn't set up the design on the website, i wouldn't have tried sevral times before calling.

Corinna J.
Detroit, MI
May 11th

Great service. The viewing and approving of the artwork over the internet works great. Altering a stock design without any extra charge was great.

May 11th

The ordering and overall sale experience was awesome!! I will definately order again!!

Mark F.
Hagerstown, Maryland
May 10th

Class B has been a wonderful supplier of t-shirts and patches for our scout troop. Their products are high quality, the service is outstanding, and they are quick shippers. Their artists are extremely creative and among the best I have ever worked with. Thank you for making our troop look good!

David L.
Cincinnati, Ohio
May 10th

Fantastic service! Our order arrived a week earlier than estimated and the shirts looked great. Thanks for the great service!

Mandy S.
Tijeras, NM
May 10th

This was our pack's first time getting t-shirts and you all made it an excellent experience. Thanks for the great looking shirts. Top notch work!

Tim B.
Misawa AB, Japan
May 9th

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