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Worldwide Garment Shortages   Delivery dates for some garment styles, colors and sizes are significant. Alternate brands will be suggested to try to keep your order on schedule. Rush orders are only available for garments not affected. Standard turnaround is often 2-3 days longer that the quoted timeframe.

UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

Awesome customer service! Every person I spoke was with was enthusiastic and friendly. I think I spoke to the majority of the employees, becaue I was trying to combine three different t-shirts ideas for artwork, and I was also working with a time deadline. Thanks ClassB for getting me exactly what I wanted for the artwork and getting the t-shirts in time for our Summer Pack event.

Annette R.
San Antonio, TX
June 11th

This is our 3rd years ordering tshirts for our family reunion. We change the color and design each year. The whole family loves them!! We take a group picture of all of us (50-75 people) wearing them - Looks great!!

Stephanie G.
Euless, TX
June 10th

Our boys love them, we will be sporting them this weekend on a camp out. Thank You!!!!!

John P
Youngsville, PA
June 10th

Great company to work with, I would recommend this company to anyone. Did not have to wait forever to get my order.

Anna C.
Puyallup, Washington
June 10th

The t-shirts I ordered for our Philmont Crew were so great, I immediately chose to order my church youth group t-shirts from ClassB.com!

Jeff L.
Middlebury, CT
June 10th

We received our shirts the week before our local All Scouts Weekend as promised. They were a big hit. The vivid color and the unique design set us apart from the traditional humdrum troop T-shirts. Even the older troop alumni that do not believe in a casual uniform were impressed with the crest featuring the founding year and charter organization. Everyone wanted to know where we got them and we did not hesitate to tell them.

Bill B.
North Olmsted, Ohio
June 9th

My order was processed quickly, delivered right away, and then someone followed up with a personal email to confirm everything was to my satisfaction. You don't see that kind of customer service on the web very often. I was very impressed and will definitely check ClassB.com first for my next order.

Mike M.
Independence, KY
June 8th

Class B is by far the great company I have ever worked with. Not only are the professional but personal.

John M
Grandview, Missouri
June 8th

The t-shirts are great and were delivered on the day stated on the day of order.
Thank you!

Angelo C.
Corona, CA
June 6th

Wonderful experience. Quick and friendly service. The staff ensured many times throughout the process that the order was correct and that I was happy. The only thing I would have liked is for them not to have copyrighted my original artwork. They cleaned up some original artwork of mine and after cleaning it up, they put the ClassB copyright on it so I no longer have the right to use my own artwork in whatever way I please.

Curtis G
Mustang, Oklahoma
June 5th

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