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Excellent choices to create flair for our troop patrol that has worked hard to be elite. They love the new patrol patches!

Chad M.
Rocklin, CA
February 1st was great! Jessica designed an awesome looking patch that will get the boys fired up at our Klondike Derby this weekend. Beccy and Sabrina made sure my order was delivered just in time for the event!! Thanks again and I owe you 3 wonderful ladies lunch next time I'm in Florida!

Matthew T.
Ely, NV
January 31st

Great help in designing, very timely delivery. Thanks!

Tom S.
Tucker, GA
January 30th

The product is exactly as described. Great customer service. We received our order promptly. Couldn't ask for anymore!! Thank you!!

Pack 213
Leesburg, FL

January 30th

The staff was both helpful and friendly and the shirts were outstanding and quicker to arrive than anticipated!

Cris H.
Medical Lake, WA
January 29th

Our boys love their patrol patch. They wanted something 'different' and when they saw the ninja patch, they were so excited. Their excitment only increased when they received the actual patch! Thank you. Excellent product, excellent service, and super quick shipping!

Carrie Ann S.
Montrose, Colorado
January 26th

The experience was delightful...everything was easier than expected, faster than promised, and the process was very transparent. Impressive.

Troop 358
Zionsville, IN
January 26th

I rember when after I registered it was difficult to find the Boy Scout Patrol Patches listed on your site. Yet searching Goggle images for Boy Scout Patrol Patcheslead me to your site. Try registering yourself and see what I mean. There was some page that listed all your products but the Patrol Patches were not listed.

The other problem was that I was unable to purchase the patches with a Visa card/complete the purchase on the website. I had to call you to order the patches.

Vince M
Huntington Beach, Ca
January 26th

I loved doing business with your company. Everyone was very professional and prompt. I will definitely use your company again. It is refreshing to do business with a company who has it all together!

Stephanie B.
Redondo Beach, CA
January 25th

Smooth transaction from beginning to end! Great product and nice people to work with.

Marni L.
Corona, California
January 25th

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