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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.


August 5th

My neckerchiefs were of very high quality - nicer than the ones sold by BSA. ClassB was very accommodating of my artwork requests. We're very happy with the finished product!

William C.
Atlanta, Georgia
August 2nd

Due to the internal politics, our unit was forced to order our tees rather late. But after to speaking to the ClassB representative I was assured that we would have them in time. Well I was quite surprised when the order arrived ,not just early but a full week early! We have purchased items from other companies before but with this kind of service who needs to look any where else. Thank you ClassB.

Alfredo R
Staten Island, N.Y.
August 1st

Thank you, our Troop loved the color, quality and design!! We have had a billion complements!! Thank you so much for making our idea amazing!!

Michele B
Eau Claire Wi
July 31st

Our Troop orders new t-shirts from Class B every year. There is such a great selection of designs and the PLC enjoys the opportunity to go through the products as a team and select the new design each year. It gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment when the whole Troop gathers with the newest, coolest t-shirt on!

I really appreciate the staff at Class B. Everyone is so professional and responsive. Any questions are usually handled the same day. Their follow through is superior. Thanks you for such a great product and experience.

July 30th

Exemplary customer service!

John E
Brussels Belgium
July 30th

Every year we do a custom summer camp t-shirt for our troop and we have come back to ClassB every year for the past seven years. We are always complimented on the designs by other troops and we will always recommend ClassB!

Gary E.
Sicklerville, New Jersey
July 21st

This was a pleasant experience, and I was helped out of a bind. I will use them again

Ralph R
Plymouth, indiana
July 20th

You guys rock!
Great product, great support.
Thank you for offering this for our Scouts.

Derek W.
Sunnyvale, CA
July 17th

ClassB made this experience easy. Our Scouts designed an awesome Patrol flag and they wanted and voted to have the image on an original patch. We thought it would be very expensive and hard to do, and because of these thoughts, we didn't get our hopes up. After contacting Molly, a representative at ClassB, we realized that this project was doable! We were very excited. Molly walked me through the process and helped me every step of the way. She made ordering very friendly and the communication was fluid. The patches were very affordable and they turned out every bit as terrific as our flag! Our Scouts are very proud of their patches!

Svea C
San Diego, California
July 16th

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