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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

the staff at classb was very helpful and professional and I will definetely refer this site to my friends!

Jim H.
Whittier California
July 8th

The staff at classb are patient, helpful, professional, and timely. We will definitely order our reunion t-shirts from them again!

Angela G.
Washington, DC
July 30th

Our 2009 family reunion was having a t-shirt contest this year and my mother so wanted to win, well thanks to classb online store I was able to select a T-Shirt from a large selection of shirts, the color section was huge and the art work available was unlimited. although I found the artwork of my choice there were some minor changes that I wanted. This was not a problem at all for there artist who converted the shown design into the perfect logo for my family reunion t-shirts and this was at no extra charge. The new design was shown to me within 2days of them receving a changes and sent to me via e-mail immediately. if you want to experience professionalism then let Get Your work for you. I did and now I'm confident my family will take first place

Cynthia Wilson-Flournoy
Los Angeles, CA

June 30th

Our shirts arrived and they are perfect! It was the easiest order I have made in my nine years
ordering elsewhere and they arrived on the promised date. I will order from "classb" from now on. Thank you!

Billie F.
Roswell, Georgia
June 10th

Our shirts were great. I've never ordered shirts online and was a little lurry of it: but the customer service team was great. They answered all my question they were knowledgeable,courteous and friendly. We even recived the shirts 4 days earlier than promised. Thanks class We had a ball and looked great!!!!!!!

Brenda C.
November 24th

Thanks,for everyone's help. It made my order so much easier. Cory, sorry for all the changes I made. Thank you for having patience with all the changes. I still got my shirts on time. THANK YOU

Rose S.
Roselle, IL
December 19th

You made this experience easy! Everyone was great to work with, communication was great, and the end result was a perfect product. I would definitely use you again. Thanks to Josie, Char and everyone at ClassB!

Rachel G.
Los Alamitos,Ca.
June 7th

ClassB is wonderful! The website is easy to use and the customer service exceeds expectations. Thanks for the great job, our Girl Scout Troop shirts looked great!

Angelique S.
October 11th

My family reunion was a blast, thanks to classb.We were pleased with everything!On a scale from 1 to 10, you're a 10!

Sonya S.
July 5th

This is our third year in a row to order shirts for our family reunion and we love them! We will keep returning to every year!

M'liss B.
Dumas, Texas
June 18th

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