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Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

The t-shirts are great and were delivered on the day stated on the day of order.
Thank you!

Angelo C.
Corona, CA
June 6th

Wonderful experience. Quick and friendly service. The staff ensured many times throughout the process that the order was correct and that I was happy. The only thing I would have liked is for them not to have copyrighted my original artwork. They cleaned up some original artwork of mine and after cleaning it up, they put the ClassB copyright on it so I no longer have the right to use my own artwork in whatever way I please.

Curtis G
Mustang, Oklahoma
June 5th

Amazing shirts, quick and professional. I will order from this company again and again.

Shelly D
Waxhaw, North Carolina
June 5th

The order process at classb.com is easy, but when I modified my order I failed to re-check the order confirmation and got my sizes wrong. I called Robert and he offered to take care of it and rush replacements to me just in time for our trip. Thanks Robert and thanks classb.com!

Wade P.
Marietta, Ga.
June 5th

Yery good experience. Class-B went above and beyond to ensure I ordered the appropriate sized shirts.

Wes B.
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
June 5th

Whenever I called with questions the staff was very helpful. I can't beleive how fast we got our shirts.

Johana W.
Pittsburg, California
June 5th

Everything about my ordering experience with ClassB.com was great. Linsey was very helpful and took her time to help with a first time buyer.
Thanks again

Janice S.
Modesto, CA
June 4th

Excellent Communications from Day One. Our Tee-Shirt Order just arrived, and all the troop parents could not believe the value! The ease of working with your group will have us coming back for more. No waiting for voice menus or pushing numbers to talk to someone is a plus. The conversations with your staff, and the personal feel they gave to our needs was like talking to someone in our troop! Thanks!

Gene O
Texarkana, Texas
June 4th

Ordering from ClassB.com was easy. What we liked.
-Stock logos that were easily tailored to our needs.
- Friendly, informed help from everyone we spoke with.
- Commitment to have shipment arrive on time.
- Quick turn around on order.
- Beautiful shirts with virbrant colow(Gold on Red)

Thanks for an excellent first time. We'll be back.

June 2nd

Very personal experience. It was like ordering from a friend. I also liked the pricing which was all inclusive with printing, shipping and handling.

Michele B.
Grand Junction, CO
June 2nd

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