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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

ClassB made an error and it cost us appropriate delivery date and the stated "There is nothing we can do about it".

June 17th

The ClassB team was responsive and very helpful.

Todd P.
Racine, WI
June 17th

The customer service is excellent.
Everyone was extremely helpful.
We were able to get just what we
wanted in a very short time.

Catherine K.
Miami, FL
June 16th

ClassB went above and beyond my expectations. The artist made our shirts look terrific! Customer service was extremely thorough and helpful and I never felt that I was 'out of the loop' regarding my order. The entire process went very smooth and quick and I received my order sooner than expected. I couldn't be happier!!

Becki H.
Colorado Springs, CO
June 16th

As always, is a class act. Keep up the great work!

Karla C.
Huntsville TX
June 16th

The shirt is awesome! I wear it proudly as my favorite shirt now. I will be ordering here again because I have ordered three times already from here and every order was just right. I have nothing but praise for this company except on one thing and that is price. If the shirt prices were lowered about 3-5 dollars it would really help me sell them.

Christian F.
Rome, Georgia
June 16th

Such a user-friendly site, and the staff is great, helped with sizing questions and sent everything immediately for approval. Delivery right on the day they said it would arrive. I will work with this company again.

Lisa D.
Sioux City Iowa
June 15th

Great product. Most excellent staff, creativity, workmanship,and service. Hands down the best source of specialty T's.

Ellen P
Hot Springs, AR
June 15th

I am very pleased with the shirts I have gotten from this website. They have all come out perfect and I will most certainly order here again!

Christian F.
Rome, Georgia
June 15th

Great job! From initial contact through order fullfillment, the experience was professional and uncomplicated. We receivedour order on time and without any discrepencies. The product and the process was was first rate!

Kevin L.
St. Johns, Florida
June 14th

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