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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

A family member told me about and I thought I would give you all a try after dealing with another company for 2 years and I must say that I am very satisfied with my order. You have won me over!

Sonia S.
Cleveland, Ohio
July 28th

Why does this testimonial mention a site other than ClassB?
We merged GetYourShirts, CloverTees and ClassB together in 2010.

This is my first time ordering t shirts. My experience with Class B was great. Our rep, Rachael, was very patient with all of my requests and changes. I would definatly order from Class B again.

Allen M.
Tulsa, OK
July 27th

when designing the shirt on-line it was difficult to center the design. when i called they said it looked fine and it was centered. it would be nice to see the desgin centered on-line.

also, it would be nice to be able to drag and move the objects/wording rather than typing how much to move it (ie. 150 left, 20 right,l 15 top, & 30 bottom).

Michelle D.R.
Chicago, IL
July 27th

The shirts we order was of great quality, the service of the team was excellent with their courtesy and customer service. Everyone loved the shirts.

Tosha B., Ville Platte, Louisiana
July 27th

My overall experience with was EXCELLENT! Every person there I came in contact with via phone or e-mail were very professional and polite. Great job!

Kendra L.
Miami, Florida
July 27th

Why does this testimonial mention a site other than ClassB?
We merged GetYourShirts, CloverTees and ClassB together in 2010.

Everyone loved our T-shirt design and the art work was superb and the overall experience at the event was excellent!! Thank You.

Brenda C.
Philadelphia, PA
July 27th

Everyone I spoke to was very helpful from the Customer Service person when I had some questions before ordering, to the person I spoke with about the art work, down to the final conversations post order.

Fabria D
Grand Prairie, TX
July 26th

As a first time customer, I did not know what to expect from an online t-shirt supplier. I am happy to say that my Troop was thrilled with our new t-shirts! My experience with ClassB was wonderful. Everyone from the artwork department to customer service was prompt, professional and easy to deal with. Kudos to all your team members. We will be ordering form ClassB again soon. Thanks!

Nikki J.
Troy, MIchigan
July 26th

I was very pleased with dealing with class b everyone one was so helpful and kind. I will tell anyone that I was thrilled with the service and people. Thanks for the GREAT job .

Diane G.
El Campo, Texas
July 25th

Class is very easy to work with and are helpful to make sure that the color and artwork are perfect.

Brandi B.
Lincoln, NE
July 25th

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