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Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

Wonderful products and service. I can highly recommend them. Our scouts and parents were all peased with the quality of the shirts.

Carol G.
Red Hook, New York
August 12th

The process was stress-free; I received our T-shirts 6 days ahead of schedule, and the T-shirt designer was VERY helpful and responsive. I'll be back!!

Ralph A.
Virginia Beach, Va.
August 9th

Why does this testimonial mention a site other than ClassB?
We merged GetYourShirts, CloverTees and ClassB together in 2010.

I was aprehensive intially due to the fact that this was an online buisiness. But the customer service was stellar and made this experience worth while. The shirts look and feel fantastic.

Reeda R
Wilmington, Delaware
August 7th

Our reunion t-shirts were fantastic and well received by everyone. We particularly liked all the different colors that were offered, and subsequently worn at the reunion. Quite the rainbow! The quality of the shirts are so much better than what we have ordered in the past from another reunion t-shirt site, and your prompt service and attention to the order was superb. Thank you so much!

Kathy R.
Troy, Michigan
August 6th

From the beginning to end the process is alsolutely great! The staff was professional and cared about the service experience. I can't wait to place my next order.

Sandy Morgan - The Brown Reunion
Houston, Texas
August 5th

Excellent service and outstanding quality. Will definately use this company again!!

August 5th

Great customer service and efficient delievery.

August 2nd

yes ! The service was great !! and they overall experience in from start to finish was not only seamless but very professional and secure , I felt from the beginning I made the right choice and through to the end that was consistently reassured by the way everything went! The ability to view the complete order and make changes , a lay over period for additions if needed and just the way everything went was awsome not to mention how fast i was able to get my order in , completed and delivered . Simply extrordinary is the only way to put it. Thank you

Michele L Minneapolis Minnesota
July 28th

Excellent service, Excellant products, I will do buisness with Class B. com again.

Bobby H.
July 26th

Great quality at a great price. Excellent customer service.
"Class B and Scouting, a perfect combination!"

Tom W
East Brunswick, NJ
July 23rd

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