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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

The personal touch to Class B's customer service is amazing and refreshing.

Dave H.
Concord, OH
August 26th

Ashley was my CSR on my order, and she is the embodyment of what great customer service should be. She was attentive, the product got here early, we communicated during every step, and I felt like she was just as concerned with my order as I was. What a valuable member of the the Class B Team. Will order from yall again, and again, and again. Good Quality, Good Price, Great Service. Thanks again!

Will B.
Lubbock, Texas
August 22nd

classb did a great job on my family reunion shirt step by step very good customer servicer...timely manner..for 93 shirts...

August 17th

Excellent service, loved the artwork and t shirts. The staff I worked was very helpful and nice.

Deb R
Alma, WI
August 15th

I ordered t-shirts for our family reunion from ClassB. The ordering process was easy and the quality of the shirts was great. The customer service was outstanding and I would highly recommend the company to anyone needing custom t-shirts.

Cindy Z.
Manhattan Beach, California
August 14th

We have dealt with this company for over 5 yrs straight now and would have it no other way....the quality of the shirts are awesome and they have excellent customer service.

Tamica F.
Detroit, MI
August 11th

"Excellent service and the product exceeded my expectations. Our church will definitely utilized Class B for all our future T-Shirt needs".

Pamela L.
Bowie, Maryland
August 9th

I highly reccommend this Company.. From start to finish everything is TOP NOTCH.. Thank you for Great Service!!

Sharon F
California, MD
August 7th

First time ordering a large amounts of shirts, and I am glad we went with this Company, we had very great service. I was so impressed with the Thank You Note I received in the mail, it was nice to see actual signatures, instead of the printed type of notes I have seen before. If Ever i need to order shirts again, this is who I will contact.

Norma A
Elk Grove, California
August 5th

Ordering from ClassB was as easy and pleasant as I could have imagined. Beautiful work and excellent customer service with a personal touch!
LOVE the hand written thank you cards!

Eric Q.
Vancouver, Washington
August 4th

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