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ClassB consistently delivers a quality product with excellent service with a perfect on-time delivery record. We have ordered troop tee shirts from ClassB for three straight years and will continue to do so.

Paul P.
Dallas, Texas
October 22nd

Our order of hooded sweatshirts arrived a day before their scheduled arrival date and were awesome! Both the Scouts and the parents love them. Everyone at ClassB went above and beyond during the design, submission and processing of our order. It was a real pleasure to deal with people who are committed to their product and their service. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Sandy W.
Bel Air, MD
October 17th

The shirts look fantastic. The service at your company is amazing. The small details (thank you note and stuffed cheetah) were much appreciated.

Melissa N
San Juan Capistrano, CA
October 12th

As always, friendly service and great product!

Crystal C.
Morgantown, Kentucky
October 11th

What a great company. They make the process personal. You will never feel like just another order with them. The quality, accuracy, customer service, and speedy process is incredible. I wish more companies could emulate their model.

Christy N.
Santee, CA
October 11th

Our Cub Scout Pack has ordered from ClassB for three years and they have always provided quality products our families appreciate. This was the first year I was responsible for placing the Pack's order and I was thrilled to find how easy the process was from beginning to end. Also, the customer service gets an A+, providing an all-around great experience. I highly recommend ClassB to anyone in need of t-shirts for their group.

Julie W.
Lilburn, GA
October 10th

this is the most painless, easy, best experience for ordering shirts I've ever had. I've always had to deal with designs back and forth from the shirt companies, charge additional fees for design if it had too many changes. I did the design myself and it was made easy. The rest of it is just CLASS A all the way with customers service, how the packages were done, it was easy for me to sort out even though I ordered around 200 shirts. I paid more compare to others but the amount of time I didn't spend and quality of product and service was worth it. Seanie Z Fayetteville, GA

October 9th

I think your customer service is top-notch. I would order again from your company.

Bernadette D
Ashland, KY
October 6th

ClassB.com customer service is great. The service reps are very friendly and extremely responsive.

Michael J.
Belmont, California
January 28th

Wow! I have never had this type of service from an internet company...frequent confirmation emails, follow through phone calls, color swatch mailings, and finishing touches of thank you cards and gift. I would not hesitate to order from ClassB again for further group T-shirt orders.

Lisa V.
Sammamish, WA
January 31st

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