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Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

We have ordered from Class B 3 times including this time. We have never complained but this time we received tee shirts with ink on them. I contacted the customer service dept. and was told to wash them to see if the ink would wash off. These shirts were being given out for our family reunion. Who wants a washed shirt when u paid for a brand new one! Reunion over and as to this date ur company failed to rectify the
situation.Whoever inspected the shirts had to have
seen the ink on them and chose to send them anyway!
We wont order from here anymore!!!!

June 28th

ClassB should be the model for all customer service oriented businesses. Their focus on and handling of the customer is first rate. One of the best overall experiences I've ever encountered.

Preston M.
Birmingham, AL
June 5th

Excellent quality and service!

Madeleine U.
Garland, Texas
June 3rd

Legendary Customer Service

Rod B.
Owatonna, MN
June 2nd

Excellent customer service. The t-shirts were of good quality, and delivered exactly the day it was scheduled. I will defintely use Class B again! Everyone at the Ross Family Reunion loved their T-shirts.

Jacqueline J.
Baltimore, MD
May 31st

Great experience from start to finish. Super customer service. You can actually talk to a person. Working with the BSA sells us every time. I'll be back. Thanks....WAR

Bill R
Orlando, Florida
May 30th

this is the 11 year that we order reunion t-shirt from your company and as alway you guys did a excellent job the service and artwork department was also excellent as alway
thank again for a job well done.

fran o
Patchogue,New York
July 2nd

Your company name may named 'Class B' but your service and product quality is 'Class A' all the way! Thanks for the great job on our shirts again!

Lewiston, MN
May 30th

Customer service was exceptional for my recent t-shirt order. The personal touch and care in ensuring my satisfaction was much appreciated.

Sue C.
Palo Alto, CA
May 29th

Great product, great service, fast and easy!

Cindy T.
Bay City, Texas
May 29th

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