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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

This company exceeds all customer expectations from the first phone call to the follow-up on the delivery of the product. Customer service and complete satisfaction is definitely at the top of their list! The shirts were an absolute hit and I would absolutely refer this company to everyone I know!

Susan M.
Ocala, Florida
June 23rd

The service, the quality of the product, and the shipping time and packaging were all EXCELLENT!! I would recommend to ANYBODY who is in need of Scout Shirts! This is a First Class company!

Katie W.
Yorktown, Virginia
June 22nd

ClassB ?
how about class act!
These folks do business the old fashion way
great product,great customer service,and
outstanding communication.
This guarantees patronage.
Thank you.
Kevin W.
Pack 444

Kevin W.
Pack 444
June 21st

This is the best customer service from a web/phone order I have ever gotten. The staff was friendly and very helpful.

Carla G.
Helotes, TX
June 19th

ClassB does terrific work! The quality, choices, and service are outstanding!

Donna T.
Woodridge, Illinois
June 17th

Great service and products. The new designs are so mush better looking, our other patrols want to replace thier old ones.

M. Zeidlik
Westminster, Colorado
June 14th

Our troop was absolutely thrilled with the quality of our shirts and the speedy delivery time. The people at are friendly, efficient and eager to be of service. We will use you your company for all our shirts and patrol ptaches in the future - and we will certainly recommend you to othet troops. Thanks for all your help!

Deborah G.
Hampton, VA
June 14th

Service was absolutely AMAZING!

Alene H.
La Verne, CA
June 12th

Great customer service!! The cards, emails, etc. really put a personal touch to just placing an order over the internet. Very classy.

Janny J
Colorado Springs, CO
June 12th

This company has the best customer service skills I have ever witnessed! Great product too. I will use them over and over again!

Amy L.
West Brookfield, Massachusetts
June 12th

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