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Fast and Quick Service and the Crew LOVED their shirts. We will be return customers!!! Our Crew president was able to design online with minimal effort!

Jeff B.
Easton, Maryland
April 21st

I love how it is so easy to create shirt designs. I went nuts creating designs. This allowed the boys to vote on which shirt designed they liked. Great service, great designs, quality shirts, good price, quick turn around! Thank you ClassB for making this a stress free process!

Jim P.
Greenfield, Indiana
April 16th

The website was very easy to use and the ordering process on line was just as easy. I also liked that you could use a check to pay for the order on line rather than mailing it. The whole process was great and very efficient. I would encourage anyone to try the service. Thanks for the great T-Shirts.

Steven B.
Lititz, PA
April 4th

Classb.com is THE place to get your unit t-shirts. The quality of the shirts and the imprint is fantastic. The choices are great. We like the quick dry shirts best. The staff is wonderful and kind and their service is A++.

Beth D
Spring Hill, Fl
April 1st

Our Pack has ordered from ClassB.com before, but this was my first time placing the order. Their customer service was wonderfull. There was a lot of contact to confirm the accuracy of the order. When they had a specific question about our a printing problem they contacted me by phone and offered suggestions to resolve the problem. Their customer service level was beyond my expectations.

Hilda B.
Hermiston, Oregon
March 31st

ClassB knocked it out of the park! I was amazed at the incredible amount of communication and attention to detail. Multiple checks of my order guaranteed an accurate and exceptional product and even the thank you card made me realize that this company has a 1st rate service model. So glad we ordered from them and will make sure they are the first place I go in the future as well as any other Pack I talk to.

Brian K.
Leesburg, VA
March 29th

Excellent costumer services!!

New Jersey
March 25th

There was an unfortunate mistake on the sizing of our original order. Class B staff was provided excellent customer service in the willingness and promptness of correcting our order. Thank you for your excellent service.

Ruth L.
Lake Worth, Florida
March 24th

I can not believe how helpful and caring everyone was;emails telling me that my sizes may have been too small (which was true)
The willingness to help, walk us through the process, you just don't see that level of customer service anymore and ClassB was overflowing with it.
I will be recommending your company to everyone.

Michael Mc
Little Elm, Texas
March 22nd

Class B overall was excellent! The personalized and timely service was quality. The artwork on our shirts came out a little bigger that expected but overall I am very satisfied and will definately order more shirts for our pack in the future.
Thanks a bunch.

Rutland, MA
March 14th

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