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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

The design is perfect and the customer service outstanding. Ordering was extremely easy and I would definitely recommend ClassB to family and friends!

Renee Espinosa
Escondido CA
August 25th

Class B has served us well and has OUTSTANDING customer service. We were able to customize our design and order shirts for our Pack in all the sizes we needed. Re-ordering is even easier as they keep your design on file...even if it's a couple years between orders. THANKS, CLASS B!

Beanye T.
Clear Lake City, Texas
August 23rd

We were very happy with the results of our order. The color selection was very good. We were most impressed with customer service. The delivery was on schedule, pricing was excellent. Our sizes ranged from toddler to 5X and you were able to fill our requests without delay. We will use classb again.

Thelma S.
Shreveport, LA
July 1st

From beginning to end, was accommodating and attentive to every question or addition I had to my order. No questions asked. I got my t-shirts well ahead of schedule, with a check-off list that indicated over 5 people managed my order to ensure everything was correct. I would recommend classB website to anyone!

Amy M.
Madison, WI
June 18th

I am very impressed with and everyone who worked on my order. Ordering online was easy and it was really helpful that unit cost was broken down for each piece as I completed my order. I think that communication is one of your company's great strengths. When I placed my order, I not only received on email confirming my order and informing me of how to approve the artwork, I received a phone call as well. Also, after I initially approved the artwork, the artist informed me that the design could be printed larger than was originally thought. I was able to approve this change and the shirts turned out wonderfully! I really appreciate the fact that the artist (Sisco) went above and beyond to make sure that the shirts turned out great! My order was completed and shipped to me before the anticipated date. I can't say enough good things. Thank you to everyone at ClassB! I would definitely use this company again as well as recommend it to friends.

Andrea F.
Redford, Michigan
August 9th

After hours of searching and worrying about the quality of shirts I would receive from a company via the net, classb put my mind at ease. Excellent quality and professional, personal and friendly personel. I am planning a reunion in 2008 and I will be using ClassB again.

Sydney R-W
Washington, D.C.
July 23rd

I was exceptionally satisfied with my purchase. The first time I called I was made to feel that I was the most important person in the world. I had the opportunity to talk with three different people within the company and each one was very professional and will to help. The T-Shirts I ordered where beautiful and of great quality. What touched me the most was when I opened my box of T-Shirts and found a thank you card that was signed by each employee who had anything to do with my order. Thanks Eric for everything and please thank your staff. I highly recommend Class B.Com

Alonia I.
DeLand, Florida
June 12th

Great designs, Easy to customize, Wonderful customer service! I've previously ordered shirts from ClassB a few years ago for school spirit wear & now doing shirts for our Family Reunion. Excellent experience!!!

Patti B.
Overland Park, Kansas
September 1st

I have never been so pleased with an on line ordered product as I am with the "ClassB" T shirts! Fantastic Job!

Joan C.
New Orleans, Louisiana
August 5th

The staff at classb are courteous, professional & knowledgeable in what they do. They work hard to give you a great and professionl product. It has been a pleasure working with them. This definately will not be my last time.

Geri Hodge
Kennesaw, Georgia
July 19th

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