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We love our Class B's

Pack 2
Picayune, MS
October 25th

This is now the third time we have ordered from ClassB and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. For value and quality they just can't be beat! I have recomended them to several other Pack and Troop leaders when they see our design and ask where we got them from. Thank You ClassB! P.S. My wife & daughter love the stuffed animals in the ClassB t-shirts.

Bernie D.
Pack 173
DeKalb, Illinois
October 25th

I was amazed at the customer service I received even though I ordered an online product. They sent a thank you card with a little color sample of what I ordered within a day, they sent emails of every process our shirts were at(order received, verify your design, printing shirts now, shirts boxed and awaiting shipping, shipped and estimated delivery day), they called me when I wasn't home to receive product to ensure I knew all the steps I could take to get my order. They sent a final thank you card for doing business with them. All in all I was very impressed with being able to easily design my tshirt and the support this company offers. I will be a dedicated ClassB customer from now on!!

Michelle W.
Wilmington, NC
October 25th

I highly recommend ClassB! This is the second time our pack has ordered from them and again we are so pleased!

Brenda E.
Richmond, IL
October 24th

ClassB is a class act. Their staff worked through even my minor details to get my order right. Always appreciated.... Thanks!

Mike D.
San Francisco, California
October 24th

Wonderful experience with the whole staff at ClassB and the process. The boys love the shirts! Thank you for your help and professionalism. We will order again! Thank you.

Jessica S.
Whitsett, NC
October 24th

Your site seems to be a little complicated. I designed a shirt a few years ago and couldn't figure out how to order, so I didn't. This time is seemed easier, but still too much to do expecially if you want something already made.

Bobbi S.
Columbus, MT
October 24th

Ordering was easy, service was excellent!

Janice B.
Medinah, IL
October 24th

Our pack parents were thrilled that the shirts arrived exactly as promised! Parents commented that they liked the quality of the shirt and they are already anxious to order another design from ClassB!

Maria M.
Bakersfield, California
October 23rd

The shirts we ordered from Class B were beautiful and great quality. The service was very responsive, shipping very fast. We even got our super rush order shirts one day early!

Nancy B.
Los Altos, CA
October 23rd

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