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ClassB is an excellent shopping experience. Great product, great service. Thank you!

Jim B.
Framingham, Massachusetts
March 17th

ClassB is an excellent company to deal with. In a world of "automated" customer service ClassB stands out among the few who still off personal customer service and the ability to talk to a real person. If you want an excellent product and outstanding customer service, then you should order from ClassB. They don't disappoint.

Nikkie P.
Springville, AL
March 16th

Loved how I could customize my design for our specific needs. The software was easy to use and very flexible for moving and resizing art work. Free shipping was a huge plus. Our order arrived quickly.

Donna C.
March 15th

My experience ordering from ClassB was great. Everyone was extemely friendly and helpful. I especially liked the card I received in my package that was signed by everyone who helped with my order. I will be ordering from you again.

Neil J
Downingtown, Pennsylvania
March 14th

I was currently in a wood badge course and had about a week and a half to get T-shirts. We loved the owl design on the Class-B website and I said let's try to see if we can get them. Not only did I get them in time but the shirts were fantastic! Two days ahead of time even with our custom graphics! Great packaging, what a great way to be "conservation minded".
Way to go Class-B!!

Joe H.
Tampa, FL
S4-86-13 OWLS
Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!
March 13th

This was a great experience; a representative kept me on task, I received frequent feedback, they were able to take a pack check (which is a huge deal for a nonprofit, as we often don't have credit cards, and hard to find online). So wonderful; thank you!

Tonda A.
Mount Washington, KY
March 9th

The ordering process was great. It was wonderful to get a phone call asking for clarification on the order.

Kate A.
Bella Vista, AR
March 9th

ClassB made the Brown Williams Jones White family reunion in DC a successful event. I ordered my shirts at the last minute and they arrived on time. Jonah R was very professional, supportive and informative. He assured me that my order would be delivered on time. He helped alleviate my anxiety when my shirts arrived ahead of promised delivery. The quality, color and design of the shirts were first rate. My family members were very pleased. We received many compliments as we wore our shirts during our DC outing.
I will always recommend and use this company for future needs!

Keisha M.
Alexandria, VA
August 11th

Great product; fast service. Our boys are going to love these tee shirts!

Mike J.
Brookville, PA
March 6th

Very easy to order. Your personal touches throughout were exceptional, to include the tiger doll you put in the package. It was perfect for our tiger den!

James M.
Landisville, PA
March 6th

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