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UNedited Customer Testimonials

Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

I thought Robert Stephens was great to work with. He took our original design we provided, made great suggestions and when we had changes they we done as I asked with a quick turn-around...GREAT JOB Robert !!

April 15th

We handed out our shirts last night at our Breaking Arrows Ceremony pack meeting. The boys loved them and some wore them to school today. I was contacted by a new recruit today--it may be because of the shirt! Great job, thank you!

Christian H.
Hamilton, MA
April 11th

Great experience! Appreciate very much the flexibility for my order. I got my t-shirts 3 days after my order. The artwork is incredible.

Land O'Lakes, Florida
April 10th

Awesome customer service! I was so happy to call and get to speak to a LIVE person! Service rep (Jonah) was amazingly helpful! Shirts are great- exactly how I wanted! What a great company!

Ruthanna B.
Midlothian, IL
April 9th

ClassB is one of the very few companies who give their personal touch to every order. As a repeat customer I feel confident when I place an order of 125 shirts they are going to be given the dedication to perfection they deserve. Our Cub Scout families love the quality and the price. That's what keeps us coming back.

Jennifer P.
Lincoln, NE
April 9th

Pricing given online was not accurate...bait and switch...wanted to nearly double the cost...then they did not print the shirts as requested :-(

Arla C.
Woodinville, Washington
April 9th

Reorders should be at the same price as before. The fact that you charge the full price for a few additional shirts is ridiculous and unjust. The fact that we need to order a few more shirts and have to pay full price will way heavily on my decision to use or recommend your firm for future purchases.

Brent S
Mechanicsville, VA
March 7th

Thanks to everyone at Class B! I could not be happier with the process or the result. I will definitely recommend Class B in the future!

Mobile, Alabama
April 8th

The shirts Look Great. Everybody Love them!

Karl R.
Cheektowaga, NY
April 8th

Offer more for other nonprofits and you might be able to increase your business.

John K
Vancouver, WA
April 7th

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