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Each customer is invited to complete a survey after they have received their order. Below are some recent comments provided. We don't edit or censor any comments.

What an outstanding company! ClassB.com sets a high bar for customer service. I was very impressed with the website, the customer service, the professional and thorough way in which my order was handled. Customer Service is important to me. Accordingly, I will not only recommend ClassB.com, but will make a point of letting all in my troop and pack that there is no better choice for scouting products. What an overall great experience. Thank you for delivering as promised. Thank you for your thorough and professional and personal touch!! It shows, it counts and it is appreciated!

Chris Loughrin
Grand Haven, MI
July 16th

Nobody delivers better products, as quickly, and for such a great price as CLASSB.COM.
Their customer service attitude is lengendary.

Ray T.
Boston, MA
July 15th

You understand what "Customer Service" really means. Your attention to detail and open communication made me feel truly valued by your company.

Laura D.
Lima, New York
July 15th

The t-shirts look fabolous and the customer service is absolutely excellent. My family will absolutely love them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Vanessa M.
Beltsville, Maryland
July 14th

ClassB customer service far exceeded our expectations, and Pack 33 really liked their shirts. We definitely will order again in the future and strongly recommend this site to other scouts!

Marla M.
Minden, Nevada
July 12th

An excellent experience from beginnign to end.
Quality service.
Very professional service. There was contact form the time I orderd up until the time I received my order.

Pennie M.
Columbus, Georgia
July 12th

every one was kinds and extremely helpful.
I am a repeat customer (made an order 5 years ago) and I got even better service this time around!!!!
thank you

Kim F, Hadley, ma
July 12th

Terrific customer service and easy ordering process. Products delivered on time and in expected condition -- high quality shirts and design. Everyone loved the shirts. Would use again.

Michele S.
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas
July 11th

Great service and cost. Will use you again for sure.

Candelario L.
Austin, Texas
July 9th

In my 24 years of ordering shirts from different companies, this company exceeded far above the top, I will use them always in the future and recommend them to everyone I know looking for this service.
Thanks to the staff for making my 24th Annual Family reunion extra special

Kate S.
Wayne, Pa
July 8th

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