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Cub Scout Pack T-Shirt Buyer’s Guide

Ordering Cub Scout Pack T-Shirts is easy!
Cub Scout pack custom t-shirts ordering is easy low prices free shipping

Your Cub Scout Pack will look great in their new t-shirts!

A Great Cub Scout Pack T-Shirt Starts with an Awesome T-Shirt Design!

Time Saving Cub Scout Pack T-Shirt Design Ideas

Save Time with our Design Ideas!

View many great Cub Scout designs ideas. All our design ideas can be customized for your Cub Scout Pack with the online t-shirt designer.

See all Cub Scout Pack T-Shirt Design Ideas

See Top 10 Cub Scout Pack T-Shirt Designs

Our New Design Explorer makes it easy!

T-shirt design idea explorer over 400 designs to choose from

What do your Cubs love about Cub Scouting?

• Outdoor Activities • Akela and the other rank animals • Working towards Ranks

T-Shirts for Special Events

• Pinewood Derbies • Campouts • Trips and Destinations

How does your Cub Scout Pack represent Scouting?

• An American Tradition • Character Building • Fun and Excitement

Edit your T-Shirt Design Online

All design ideas can be customized using our easy Online Designer. Click on the cub scout design idea you like. When the page loads, click on the green “Start Designing” button to take you to our custom design tool page. To add a back design, click “Add Art” and type in the ‘SP’ design idea number for the 2nd design you like. Sharing your designs with your Cub Scout Pack is simple. Want to start from scratch? Visit the Online Custom T-shirt Designer Tool Now!
Online t-shirt designer tool create custom t-shirts online

Custom T-Shirt Designs

We can do a fully custom design for your Cub Scout Pack. From a drawing, a previous shirt, or just an idea, our talented artists can do anything! No extra charge for custom artwork! cub scout drawing turned into custom t-shirt for cub scout pack

Learn More About Custom Designs

Shirt and Ink colors for Custom T-Shirts

Picking Colors

It can be challenging to pick colors on your device because of monitor variables, lighting, and glare. Some color combinations can strain your eyes to look at. Contact one of our expert customer representatives if you’re concerned about your ink and shirt color combination.

Popular Ink Colors

Popular ink colors used on custom t-shirts  title=

See all screen printing ink colors

Color Swatch Cards

free t-shirt sample color swatch cards Have up to four swatch cards mailed to you for FREE! Just register (if you aren’t already) and sign in to choose your colors.

What shirt colors correspond to the traditional Cub Scout colors?

Cub scout uniform color navy blue shirt swatch color

Navy Blue

Usually looks Black on most phone and monitors. Navy is closest to the color of a New Cub Scout uniform. Like the uniform, after a few washings the color becomes more blue.
Cub scout uniform color royal blue shirt swatch color

Royal Blue

Royal is the blue in the Cub Scout logo and the American Flag.
Cub scout uniform color gold shirt swatch color


Athletic Gold color that’s a bit deeper than the yellows used in Cub Scouting. In general this gold looks the best.
Cub scout uniform color daisy or lemon yellow shirt swatch color

Daisy or Lemon Yellow

Yellow that matches the Cub Scout logo and many Cub Scout elements. As a shirt color, it can be a bit harsh but many packs are happy with it.

Need a change? Here are two more good colors for Cub Scout Pack t-shirts!

Iris shirt color swatch is close to a light royal blue color

Iris Blue

Iris blue is a lighter Royal Blue. It is very close to the background of the Bobcat rank badge.
Carolina blue shirt swatch another option to replace light blue for cub scouts

Carolina Blue

Carolina Blue is a great choice if your looking for a light blue thats not a baby blue.

What colors are Cub Scout Packs most disappointed in?

Sapphire shirt swatch color is not commonly used for cub scout shirts

Sapphire Blue

Many Cub Scout Packs order this one thinking it is Royal Blue. Sapphire is more like a deep turquoise blue color with a tropical feel.
Indigo blue shirt swatch is often confused for cub scout navy blue

Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue is like a grayish washed out Navy Blue. It is often mistaken for Navy on monitors since Navy appears like black.

Learn more about Shirt colors: Blues

What ink colors are recommended for Cub Scout Packs?

Many of our ink colors are matched as close to t-shirt colors as possible. See All Ink colors

Royal Blue Ink

Standard color especially for Cub Scout logo on gold or yellow shirts.

Gold Ink

Standard color especially for Cub Scout logo and on royal or navy blue shirts.

Ink colors with Concerns

Glow Ink

Hardest ink to print because either it looks motley during the day and glows great, OR looks great during the day but has minimal glow.

Navy Ink

Often looks like black ink on all but the lightest shirts. Same goes for Dark Chocolate and Forest Green inks.

Lemon Yellow Ink

This ink sometimes lets shirt color come through. It ends up looking too light on many shirt colors.

Choose a Garment for your Design

Keep everyone happy! Offer a mix of items to your group. You can add a single sweatshirt to your order if you’d like – no problem!

See all Printable Garments

Over 90% of Cub Scout Packs order the B110 100% cotton T-shirts. The B110 is used as the base pricing you see in our ads and on in-house design idea pages. The popular B110 100% Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt is made by Gildan®. Gildan is known for quality, large color selection and maintaining very good stock availability. View B110 details
Some Cub Scout Packs opt for the 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester 5.5 oz Short Sleeve T-Shirt from Gildan. Colors are limited when compared to the B110. View B120 50/50 details
Gildan’s 4.5 oz 100% Polyester Performance T-Shirt is a great option for Cub Scout Packs with a very active outdoor program. These shirts dry fast! The shirt feels like a cotton shirt but is think and light weight like a wicking shirt. View B576 Wicking Shirt details
Keep your cubs warm in winter. Hoodies are a great item to offer to your Cub Scout Pack. The ‘hoodies’ are made by Gildan so the colors will match with your t-shirts. View the B176 Hoodies details
Many parents prefer a long sleeve t-shirt for sun protection or to help fend off pesky bugs. View the B111 Long Sleeve T-shirt details
Mixable screen printed tote bag! Bag dimensions are 18″ H x 14.5″ W View B542 Drawstring Tote Bag details

Choosing the Correct Garment Size

It’s a Challenge

Questions about ordering t-shirt sizes “What shirt size do you want to order?” The best advice we have is ask them! Guessing sizes is a minefield. Every Cub Scout Pack group is different. From our experience, it’s best to avoid Youth Small size. Kids grow too quick. Most Cub Scout Packs get a mix like 40% YM, 40% YL, 20% Adult Small for the Cubs. We have a tool to help – try our Size Distribution Calculator

Size Sample Kit

T-shirt size sample kits make ordering t-shirts easy For the B110 100% Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt we have a size sample kit you can order. It comes with a coupon you can apply to your Cub Scout Pack t-shirt order.

Size Variation

Reviewing garment details and sizing before finalizing your order Not all medium-sized shirts are the same. Garment types (even from the same vendor!) are often cut differently. In general, all garments are cut differently. Please review the garment detail pages for sizing information. Smaller shirts and features like zippers, v-necks and scoop necks can affect the overall imprint size for all your shirts.

Order Extras

Need to add more shirts, no problem. We always recommend ordering extras Ordering extra shirts is the best thing you can do to solve size issues. After the shirts arrive, some people change the size they need. Having a few backup shirts enables you to keep those people happy. As new people join the group, it’s a great idea to have a shirt to welcome them.

Low Pricing for Cub Scout T-Shirts

Tiger opening a box of Cub Scout Pack custom t-shirts

Mixing Garments Types

Everyone wants something different? We can help with that! As long as they can all be printed with the same design & ink color(s), you can mix garment types like sweatshirts, ladies shirts, and hoodies with your T-shirts. Price will vary per garment type, but the total quantity determines the price break!


Reorders are priced based on quantity. It’s a good idea to get some extra shirts at the higher price break. If you need a smaller number of shirts after your first order, they will cost significantly more.

How is pricing determined?

Quantity of garments Type of garments Number of ink colors Sides printed

Low prices for cub scout packs medallion

Prices vary – View each stock design and garment type of specific pricing.

Tips for Ordering Custom Printed T-shirts

Be a hero use the first time t-shirt buyers guide before ordering       

First Time Buying T-Shirts?

Click here to read our First Time buyers guide

• Decide on the design: In-house Design Idea or Custom? • Pick your t-shirts and other garments. • Round up the cost and take pre-orders. • Order 20% extra shirts for new people. • Place your order and make changes to the provided proof. • Wait a short time for your new t-shirts to arrive!

Downloadable order form for faxed or emailed orders:

PDF icon View Custom T-shirts Order Form (200 KB)     PDF iconView Custom Embroidery Order Form (600 KB)

To Place a Reorder:

Sign in, find the order in “Current Orders” then click the “Reorder” button (If it says the order cannot be reordered online, you can simply call us with your 5-6 digit work order number and we’ll be able to help!). We have new reorder discounts! Within 60 days and After 60 days

Want to get everyone involved? Have a design contest!

Use our customizable design contest flyer.

Frequently asked questions about placing an order

Click here and be sure to visit older entries at the bottom too.


Screen Printed Garments

Standard Service
9 day priority service custom t-shirt turnaround

12 business days
About 2 1/2 weeks

Priority Service

9 day priority service custom t-shirt turnaround

9 business days
Just under 2 weeks!

Rush Service

6 day rush service custom t-shirt turnaround

6 business days
Just over a week!

See Exact Delivery Dates

Decoration Methods

Screen printing is the Best Choice for larger custom t-shirt orders since larger orders usually cost significantly less when screen printed. A screen printed design will last as long as the garment—even when worn by an active person. Visit our article on the screen vs digital printing. See the extensive charts and description of the decoration process.
Digital Printing is good for shirt orders under 10 pcs. It is a computer controlled printing process that applies a special ink to the fabric. While not as durable as screen printing, the digital print has an advantage: it costs the same regardless of the number of ink colors used in a design. This process is perfect for small quantity orders for dens, special events, and single shirt orders. Digital printing cannot reproduce some specialty inks like Glow or Glitter.

Benefits of Cub Scout Pack T-shirts

Everyone Can Wear a Cub Scout Pack T-shirt

Cub Scout Pack T-Shirts are a great way to build pride in your cubs and their parents. Parents don’t often buy an Official BSA uniform unless they are part of the Cub Scout Pack leadership. Cub Scout Pack T-Shirts are a way for everyone to feel a part of the cub scout pack at events.

Large group of cub scouts wearing custom printed ClassB t-shirts

Gearing up for Fun

Some activities are not suited to full Official Uniform wear. When the fun is really intense, t-shirts are easy to wash and much less costly to replace. Your Cub’s parents will thank you! Mud splatter illustrating that cub scout t-shirts get dirty


Start the conversation about your Cub Scout Pack! Your cubs will wear their Cub Scout Pack t-shirts to school, church and sports activities where the uniform would not be appropriate. Wearing cub scout t-shirts can be used to recruit kids to join cub scouts

Child wearing custom t-shirt from ClassB

The ClassB Difference

ClassB® has earned the Boy Scouts of America® Quality Licensee award every year it has been available - more than any other BSA® licensee! Our high regard for quality is another reason why ClassB® is the best choice to make

Your Cub Scout Pack T-shirts

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