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T-shirt Design Contest Flyers

Use any of the t-shirt design contest flyers shown below for your group! Download the PDF and customize your group name and contest deadline and rules.

Holding a t-shirt design contest is a terrific way for your members to feel involved. They get to contribute to the groups identity. Its also fun for kids who love to draw!

T-shirt design contest suggestions: keep in mind that only one person will win. its best to make the t-shirt design contest more about participating than winning. If there are kids involved as are 90% of the design contests we have encountered, then have a few prizes for the winners. As much as people like all kids to get a prize, taking the approach that the every child’s drawing has really helped the group is acknowledgment enough. All participants in the design contest should feel they contributed – win or lose.

Design contest flyers for Scouting® groups

Design contest flyers for any group