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BSA Pack & Troop T-shirt Size Distribution Calculator

You realize that ordering some extra shirts is a good idea, but how do you decide in what sizes to get the extras? Enter our recently updated shirt size guesser! This tool is built on years of order history spanning tens of thousands of t-shirts. Remember though, what's true for the national average may not be true for your group. This is just a helpful tool, it won't actually change the size of the people in your group. ;)

How many total t-shirts do you want to order?

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Only you can judge the appropriateness of these recommendations.
Please, keep these tips in mind when ordering extra shirts:

  • • When in doubt, order larger.
  • • Never buy a Youth Small or Adult 3X+ Large unless you know who can fit into it.
  • • Hoodies and Sweats - minimum one size larger, better two
  • • Suggestions are more accurate for popular styles.
  • • Suggestions are more accurate on orders over 50 shirts.

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